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Bowling for Columbine 2002

Filmmaker Michael Moore explores the roots of America's predilection for gun violence...

Release Date:
November 14, 2002, UTC
120 min
Michael Moore
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, John Kerry, ...
Drama, History, Documentary ...
USA, Canada, Germany

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Solar rating:7.1


Imdb rating:8



A fantastic documentary, surprisingly unbiased (relatively) from the highly biased Michael Moore. At turns shocking, funny, and insightful, but always enlightening, Moore takes a look at America's fascination with gun use, with the tragedy at Columbine High School as the hub. This should be required viewing for every high school student.
Must See
A little unfocused at times, but still revealing and very moving. Includes unsettling footage from surveillance cameras inside Columbine High.

"Bowling" is absolute horsecrap... Read "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man" By David T. Hardy, Jason Clarke if you want the true story...

Watching Michael Moore in action--passing off manipulating facts in Bowling for Columbine, spinning statistics in Stupid White Men and Dude, Where's My Country?, shamelessly grandstanding at the Academy Awards, and epitomizing the hypocrisy he's made a king's fortune railing against--has spurred authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke to take action into their own hands. In Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, Hardy and Clarke dish it back hard to the fervent prophet of the far left, turning a careful eye on Moore's use of camera tricks and publicity ploys to present his own version of the truth. Postwar documentarians gave us the documentary, Rob Reiner gave us the mockumentary, and Moore initiated a third genre, the crockumentary. How, they ask, does Moore pull off a proletarian, "man-of-the-people" image so at odds with his lifestyle as a fabulously wealthy Manhattanite? And how large of an impact do his incendiary, ill-founded polemics have on the growing community that follows him with near-religious devotion? Loaded with well-researched, solidly reasoned arguments, and laced with irreverent wit, Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man fires back at one of the left's biggest targets--politically and literally.

Do your homework... don't be spoonfed by Moore.

Do people hate Mr. Moore because he elucidates what we ignore everyday? What kind of country crucifies a man who only aims to resolve this worlds prominent issues? Who cares if he is a tad bit liberal? Who cares if some of his ideals are a little crazy? His mindset is the bridge that could connect the gap between the human race and inner peace, if only people could bring themselves to abandon political correctness and swallow their pride, we could find a place within ourselves that could allow us to flourish like we never imagined.
Michael Moore's high profile in the media had put me off watching his films for a while, purely because, quite frankly, I was sick of seeing his face. The recent dip in his omnipresence has led me to rewatch some of his stuff and it shows clearly why he became such a huge success in the first place. Engaging and refreshingly genuine.

A dishonest piece of garbage.
Only those with no familiarity with the gun debate could ever credit this movie with being even remotely factual. Moore abuses fact to create a video editorial designed to promote an agenda. Its sole redeeming quality is that it sparks debate. This can be acomplished, though, without such an unscrupulous attempt to prey on the ignorant in an effort to manipulate public opinion.
Bowling For Columbine was a documentary film by Michael Moore (Canadian Bacon), about gun control in the United States. Moore wrote, directed, and produced this terrific, eye-opening film about America's obsession with guns. From the interview with Marilyn Manson to the interview with Charlton Heston, this film truly has the power to change the minds of its viewers. The film tried to show both sides of each argument, which made for a complete documentary. The only strike against this film is that it seems to run on and on at times, mainly towards the ending. The direction of this film was wonderful as was the writing, both combining to make a well rounded film. The film subject seemed to also be a subject that really touched home for Moore as some of his film surrounded some events that occurred in his hometown. This film was extremely informative and worth a look because it is one of the most important documentaries ever made.
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