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Bowfinger 1999

When a desperate movie producer fails to get a major star for his bargain basement film, he decides to shoot the film secretly around him...

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very funny movie, underrated
I was in the mood to see a comedy and had heard good things about this Steve Martin scripted offering. Martin himself stars as failed director Bobby Bowfinger, whose production company is on the verge of collapse due to a zero output. However when an accountant-penned script about an alien invasion arrives in his office, Bowfinger believes he has struck gold. Requiring a big name to carry the movie alongside his disparate troupe of company players, he hones in on box office star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) but when his advances are rebuffed he decides to shoot the movie with Kit anyway without his knowledge. The plan is to get his actors to approach the star with their lines and allow the subsequent dialogue to be ad-libbed. Kit's mental problems regarding alien presences adds a further twist to the ensuing hilarity. There's a lot to love about this movie, which has a fantastic premise behind it. A running gag involving Bowfinger's dog and the presence of Kit's geeky brother Jiff is the source of many great jokes, including the one where Jiff runs across a busy highway. Consistently funny.
Steve Martin is usually at his best when he is playing a character who, despite being affable and good-hearted, is willing to lie and cheat to achieve his objectives. In Bowfinger, Martin gives one of his funniest performances as a struggling filmmaker who dreams of directing a horror film, and uses every manipulative tactic in his repertoire to make it happen. The premise of Bowfinger is that Martin's character, Bobby Bowfinger, is able to film his movie while using a real movie star, Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), who isn't even aware he is being filmed. This results in a number of wacky scenes in which Bowfinger and his crew stage elaborate setpieces designed to get Ramsey to act a certain way. If the plot of the film seems a bit farfetched, even for a comedy, it is transcended by the wonderful comic performances delivered by the entire cast. Martin is brilliant as a man whose talent is to find someone else's weakness and exploit that, which is how he is able to convince a delusional actress (played by Christine Baranski) to appear in his movies over and over again. While Martin is excellent, Eddie Murphy steals the picture as Kit Ramsey, an egotistical actor who belongs to a group not unlike the Scientologists. Murphy shows his talents in another role, as Kit's long-lost brother Jiff, a nerdy bookworm who has no discernible acting abilities. The ways in which Bowfinger is able to use Jiff as a double for Kit provide many of the laughs in the film...the scene in which Jiff is forced to run across a highway over and over again is one of the highpoints of the movie. What keeps Bowfinger so light and enjoyable, aside from the humourous one-liners, is the sense of affection that the movie displays for these ambitious (if delusional) low-budget filmmakers. There is no sense of condescension to Bowfinger or his actors...even if we laugh at their filmmaking tactics. While the horror film the crew is making looks like a dreadful movie, Bowfinger, like Tim Burton's film Ed Wood, suggests that there is merit in simply pursuing your artistic vision, no matter how misguided it may be.

Eddie's back and he's proving that he still has what it takes to be a great comedic actor. Years ago, I said that Eddie should have been nominated for an Oscar for The Nutty Professor for playing six different parts so flawlessly that it is doubtful that another actor could have done it. Of course, The Nutty Professor was entertaining and hilarious and thus didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning anything.

Well, it's three years later and now we have another comedy in which Eddie plays more than one part. It's not as funny as The Nutty Professor nor does it require Eddie to play six different parts (he only plays two), but it's high-brow comedy, very well written and executed and - as I said before with The Nutty Professor - this is a movie Eddie at least should get a nomination from.

Eddie plays a big-time actor Kip Ramsey who's mainly a jerk and a paranoid delusionist (big stretch!) who is unknowingly filmed by sleazy moviemaker Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) who's only hope of selling a movie is to have Kip in the movie. Bowfinger recruits a bunch of misfit stars and techs and a Kip Ramsey look-a-like (also played by Eddie) to make what they all think will be the best movie ever...

...but ends up having worse cinematography than The Blair Witch Project.

Basically, Eddie Murphy's the star of this movie. He plays Kip Ramsey as a paranoid egotist on the edge of a nervous breakdown and Jiff the look-a-like as a sweet little socially retarded nerd. Dammit, nominate this man for an Oscar!

Steve Martin's great too as the slick-talking Bowfinger and comes off as unscrupulous, but not mean or evil. I'm glad to see Steve making movies again and I am really glad to see Steve making good movies again.

Heather Graham plays an actress sleeping her way to the top (big stretch there, Heather!), Jamie Kennedy plays a GenX cameraman, and poor wittle Robert Downy Jr. plays an agent.

Bowfinger is a comedy about deception, confusion, and coincidence that works beautifully... almost like an old Abbott and Costello movie. You know the heroes don't have a chance in hell of making their movie or succeeding, but you've got to watch anyway because you just know that everything is going to work out somehow in the end.
Bowfinger is a heck of a lot funnier than you would expect. The dialogue is snappy and even brilliant at parts, poking fun at the movie business in the most delightful way, using the simple conceit of featuring a big-ass Hollywood star player in a movie he doesn't even know he's a part of. That would be Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), patsy for Steve Martin's delightfully demented, hammy Bobby Bowfinger. As Kit becomes increasingly unglued by the random people coming up to him in the street (played by a cheesily Spanish Heather Graham and an over-the-top SERIOUS actress Christine Baranski, among others), nattering on about Alien Love, the film really chugs along on Murphy and Martin's mugging charm. Murphy's penchant for playing double roles serves him well here, he's hilarious as Kit's goofy brother Jiff.

One of the most constantly funny movies I have ever seen. There is not a scene in the entire movie that I was not smiling in. It's not hilariously funny, but a more mild humor.

I see now why Eddie Murphy is a star. I could not understand it before, because I have never thought he was that funny, mainly because he plays the same character in every movie he acts in, and his character is himself. His geeky nerd-type character in this movie really shows how funny he can be though. He is the funniest character in the movie, and I don't see why Eddie Murphy doesn't try to play different type characters. I suppose he may have been typecasted, because I cannot think of another actor who acts in a similar manner as Eddie Murphy.

Smart and funny.
This movie written and starred in by Steve Martin was slow starting but got hilarious at the end. I enjoyed it and my dad did too but my stepmom and my mother did not. I think its more of a guy movie...
my face hurt
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