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Bound 1996

Corky, a tough female ex con and her lover Violet concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money and pin the blame on Violet's crooked boyfriend Caeser...

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This was awesome, a few evil mob men died but really who cares, happy ending. :-)
Great flick about 2 lesbians screwing over the mob. I enjoyed it.
***** / *****

A very, very clever movie. Very apparent that it's by the people who did The Matrix. Don Davis' score, especially.
Really liked Joe Pantoliano. I think he's really underrated.
Just loved watching the plot unfold and seeing what the characters were going to do next. Really interesting to watch.

The Wachowski's debut started out slow and has mostly stale characters (if you pick them apart). But, once things get going, these are pretty much non-issues. The film becomes incredibly suspenseful as it reveals its smooth, intriguing story with many interesting developments. The film, in some ways, seems modeled after some of the Coen brother's better work (minus the Coen style).

VERY MILD SPOILERS. Sadly, the film weakens in it's story to force a conclusion but the entertainment value of the whole thing stays pretty high throughout. And the Wachowski's definitely didn't touch this level of suspense in any of their other efforts.
Comments pending.
You read that title right. What could I be talking about? Some softcore film on cinemax. Nope, the skillfully made film noir Bound. Made in 1996 by the Wachowski Brothers before they hit it big with a little film called The Matrix. This was their debut film and it is a pretty good one. Fuck that, it's a great one with great acting, hot sex scenes, wonderful suspenseful sequences, and kick ass performances from its three leads. The film is about Violet and Corky who meet because Corky is fixing the apartment up next to Violets. Violet is married to Caesar who works for the mafia. A man was skimming money from the mob but was caught and Caesar and his mob friends find out about it. Violet and Corky then decide to steal the money Caesar has to sort out. It gets more complicated and the screws are tightened so tight you will be gripping your chair if you are involved in this film.

The beautiful Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon play the two female leads. They have a great chemistry between them. They are a great onscreen couple and could remind some of Bogie and Bacall in their film noir days. The sexual tension is played by them not so much as serious but kind of comical. The scenes itself is very erotic and well done and better them most Hollywood sex scenes rather they be gay or straight. Joey Pantoliano or Joey Pants as he is known to his friends is incredible in his role and makes a wonderful advisory for the two lovely ladies.

The direction is top notch, just like in The Matrix, but not its crappy sequels. There are several wonderful shots such as the camera following a phone line. It sounds hokey now but watch the movie and it works. Also, they know how to draw you in and successfully make you cringe in your seat as you watch this wondering what is going to happen next. Just like they did with action in The Matrix, making it innovative and fresh, they do the same thing with suspenseful caper movies and film noir here.

Speaking of Gay people. I want to touch on the subject off Bryan Singer and his ideas for Superman. Ok. Apparently Singer wants the character to be gay or the actor to play Superman to be gay. He wants to apply some of the same themes to Superman as he did the X-Men in X-2, which was kind of a bad movie. Ok, my problem is it works for the X-Men because they are an oppressed minority like gay people are. It works fine their and is even daring for a comic book movie. However, Superman just does not strike me in anyway as making that statement. The actor playing him I could care less if he was gay, but Superman himself is straight, and I don't think applying themes of Homosexual oppression is the right thing for Superman. Just a thought.
Arrested Development is ... genius.

Connie and Carla isn't offensive to anyone, except those who tend to use common logic while watching movies.
Toni Collette was not harmed in the making of this feature.

Fat Girl is exactly like every other coming of age foreign film I've seen,
except in that it shows how to properly put on a condom.

Sideways is somehow the most fresh and brilliant adult comedy I've seen in a while.
Giamatti and Haden Church are gold.

Bound is a gangster movie with a real bite.
Well paced and directed.
After work, and after stuff during the weekend,
I had the illusive GROUP PROJECT.
Six hours of work later, it all came down to a rainy wednesday afternoon.
Powerpoint presentation.
Images that I provided, and everything typed by me, the computer wiz of the group.

But when I inserted the disc in the computer, a windows (I'm a mac user),
my compatibliltiy nightmares were realized.

Oh my god.

Luckily, moments before I lef the house, I loaded the file onto
the flashcard for my camera.
I had it, and the reader.


And voila.
I saved the day.

When I returned home, the weight was lifted from my shoulders.
So much had to be done, and so much was at risk.
We formatted the presentation so it would be entirely discussion
based, and the gamble seemed to pay off.

My mother asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her.
I said yes, even though I was exhausted.

Dogs in the cages. Come on, pups.
Dad was out with my brothers to the High School Sports Awards.

"Hi... It's Maryanna"

"Hold on."
Call for mom.

But is it that Maryanna?
Don't know...

When I went to the basement to give mom the phone,
Dad had come back with the boys within moments of leaving.
My youngest brother had slipped in the mud and ruined his pants.
Back home, they came.

"oh my god. oh my god..."

"oh my god..."

oh my god? why is mom saying oh my god?

Jim died.

Caught this on one of the movie channels during a rather dull evening. The Wachowski "siblings" wrote and directed this surprisingly entertaining movie about two lesbians who like to have sex, that try and rip off 2 million-or-so bucks off of the mob.

The first little bit was reminiscent of Showtime at 1:00 in the morning. Time spent with montage shots of both Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon doing the nasty. But after that, which I can't necessarily complain about because both are pretty attractive in that slutty street corner kind of way, the movie picks up and turns into this gripping, sweat-inducing thriller. Needless to say my eyes were wide open when the tension ran high. It's also the perfect "starter movie" for a first-time director (or in this case, directors) with the setting taking place in basically the same area. Many amateur movies that I've seen are entertaining because they are more creative in their use of environment and story than other, more bigger-budgeted flicks.

It's no surprise that this movie didn't do so hot in theaters, one for the lesbian humping, and two for the B-list main character actors (with the exception of Joe Pantoliano). But like it was said by other critics, this is one of the best 90's movies that nobody saw.

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