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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 2000

College students at a Boston college become fascinated by the events of the three missing filmmakers in Maryland, so they decide to go into the same woods and find out what really happened...

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I feel bad for the guy that watched this and Hellraiser: Hellseeker. He must have HAD to take breaks for being so bored.
i did not think the sequel to the blair witch project could be any worse than than the first one. i was wrong oh how i was wrong. first of all the sequel doesnt take place before, after or even durring the first one. it takes place in our dimension as if the blair witch was a movie. the plot is non sensical and it does not give any insight onto who the blair witch is or anything like that.
In celebration for The Blair Witch Project I decided to watch two horror movie sequels...

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (Berlinger, 2000) - **1/2
It is plain as day that this film is directed by the same guy who did Paradise Lost, the documentary on the West Memphis Three. He has his in-jokes about witchcraft and "murderers" who wear black. And as a fan of the Blair Witch, I do enjoy this film. It is a BAD movie - genuine crappy horror. But there is a wit which the first film lacked. There is a lot to say in a movie so disregarded by critics and audiences alike. It plays out like a satire of the first film, telling us that "Video never lies. Film does." The Blair Witch Project was shot on video, and the sequel was shot on film AND video. I do recommend this film to smart people who like bad horror. Try to realize the themes and messages to the film, surrounded by the bad acting, ridiculous writing and awful visual effects.


Hellraiser: Hellseeker (Bota, 2002) - *1/2
This film wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't boring. It is so hard to get through that you can only smirk at the half-intelligent ending. There is a movie worthy of a better title than the sixth installment of the Hellraiser series here, but it turns out to be nothing but stomach-turning fluff. The series ended with the third. Some even argue the second. I, for one, think this film could've done without Pinhead (Doug Bradley). It could have been a little tighter. The Hellraiser name is what it takes for fools like me to see films like these. But maybe a better marketing team could've figured out that the "nightmare" they had on film wasn't that bad. They could've worked on it to make it better. Hey, if House of 1000 Corpses can play in 1000 theaters, couldn't another movie just as random? Maybe Rob Zombie should've picked up a few bucks attaching his name to this Hellraiser flick instead of wasting my two hours with his nonsensical and unscary fare.
When The Blair Witch Project made a hundred jillion dollars, a sequel was pretty much an inevitability. This was the sequel everyone wanted, but it looks like the fathers of the Blair Witch have come out with a movie nobody wants. Such is the case with Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, a pretty unimpressive sequel to the groundbreaking camera-shaking 98 fright flick. In this quicky-made money-maker of a movie, five folks go into the woods of Burkitsville hunting for the Blair Witch. Everyone's seen the movie and the sleepy little town is alive with tourists, Wiccins, and film buffs... but is the witch real? Is Ellie Kedward really leading people to their doom three hundred years after her death? Could this movie get any more disappointing?

Book of Shadows starts out promising as it makes fun of the media hype over the first Blair Witch movie, and the characters question the first movie asking questions like, two guys... one girl... no sex? but it quickly disappears into the muck of a formulaic haunted house movie with annoying cutting and not a good scare during it's run. I didn't like this movie very much, but it's not exactly a bad movie. I guess I'm a little bitter because The Blair Witch Project was such a magnificent turn on the horror genre and it deserved better than to get a second-rate sequel. It's got all of the gusto, but none of the style.

Okay... random observations:

1. Okay, so goth chick is psychic and no one seems to have a problem with that?
2. Wicca chick says that Ellie Kedward was a good witch... ooooookay, so I guess she's just killing children, campers, and filmmakers out of frustration? Someone get that witch a therapist!
3. Call me picky, but somehow I was expecting some sort of a book in this movie. You know, a book about shadows or something?
4. Damn, that is one spooky looking owl!
5. Two guys... one girl... mucho stress... okay, I'll bite: Why wasn't there any sex going on in the first Blair Witch movie?
6. Okay, dead chick isn't scaring me.
7. Psycho guy is staring at video monitors a teensy bit two much.
8. Josh, Michael, and Heather must be rolling in their graves right about now. 9. Blair Witch doesn't need another sequel! It needs a prequel, dammit!
10. There is, like, way too much rock music in this movie. God, give it a rest!
11. THAT was the end? WHAT A GIP!!!

Chalk this one up next to The Lost World, Batman and Robin, and Mortal Kombat 2. Book of Shadows is one sequel that just shouldn't have been made.
Yes, I've shut up for a while. Well, not a lot's been happening, I've been away from home a lot and haven't had comp access.
Was unfortunate enough to sit through Book of Spittle-for-Brains: Blair Witch 2 so I could watch a special on the Rocky Horror Show which was on latenite TV. I give the movie a big fat 0 for having no redeeming features whatsoever (and I really do mean that, criminy, what a pile of sewage, not that I expected anything in the first place). The special was good, though. Very enjoyable. Was unhappy to discover that Season 2 of Twin Peaks won't be out on DVD until October. I'm jonesin' dammit, jonesin'. I could get the ancient VHS but the quality would suck like anchovy lollipops. Gah
It's my birthday soon. Ergh. At least there will be presents. And as long as nobody gives me one of those stupid giant cardboard keys. There'll be some Streetfighter action if they do. Hwaaah
Went window shopping yesterday with Hales and managed to restrain myself considerably, I bought a 2nd-hand book about Alice Liddell and her family history which looks very interesting. So I did quite well, but then we went to the pub and drank for 6 hours. Now I feel wretched. Never mind. Just gives me an excuse to stay in bed and watch...hmm... I'm reckoning Twin Peaks Season 1 again. Just been in that kind of mood recently, I guess. Watched it a just the other week, but...*sigh* it's so good. :D
I caught Brittany working at another job, while she's on medical leave of absence with us.


You're fired!!!!

I'm walking around glowing. Catching this bitch is so satisfying.

I saw over the weekend that Ebert and Roeper gave two enthusiastic thumbs up to Some Kind of Monster, the documentary by Joe Berlinger about Metallica. I've been looking forward to this doc since I first heard about it way back when, and it's cool to see someone that's not into Metallica's music, like Ebert, give a fairly glowing review of the movie. And it's good to see Joe Berlinger doing what he does best - documentaries. Paradise Lost is one of the best docs you'll see. I haven't seen the follow-up (the aptly titled Paradise Lost 2), but I did, unfortunately, see Berlinger's first dabble in fiction, Blair Witch 2. Good lord, what a mess that movie was...

I wanted to add this thought about Spider-Man 2 that I initially forgot:

I LOVED the scene when the surgeons are attempting to cut the arms off of Doc Ock. It's a scene that brought back fond memories of Sam Raimi's work in the Evil Dead series, and shows that Raimi wasn't afraid this time around to throw more of his personal style into a mainstream movie.
:mad: Let me start of saying about THE BLAIR WITCH 2. I Cant believe they even released this movie, i mean this movie was so bad, it was the worst movie that i have ever u black out and cant remember a thing? havent we seen this before?Anyways do not go and rent this video , dont even look at the box cover it is that bad.

HORRIBLE!!!! My retarded cat coulda came up with something better than that piece of trash.
Who honestly asked for a sequel to "The Blair Witch Project?" This is a pathetic attempt to cash in on that film's unprecedented box office success; it's a frenzied hodge-podge of plot twists and turns that rarely make sense. Director Joe Berlinger should stick to making documentaries.
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