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Boogie Nights 1997

The story of a young man's adventures in the Californian pornography industry of the late 1970s and early 1980s...

Release Date:
October 31, 1997
155 min
Paul Thomas Anderson
Mark Wahlberg, Anne Fletcher, Melanie A. Gage, ...
Drama, Crime

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Imdb rating: 7.9

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I'm gonna stop there...Let's not end up like Fabfunk3....
:eek: ;)
**1/2 / ****
:fresh: Boogie nights is a great film, in my opinion and should be one that everyone (pending they can handle lots of nudity, drugs, language, and violence) should see. P.T. Anderson does a great job directing/writing/producing this film, and it is splendidly acted throughout by some of the best names in hollywood (william h. macy, julianne moore, mark "marky mark" wahlberg, burt reynolds, heather graham, and luis guzman to name just a few). The film centers on porn star Dirk Diggler and all the mayhem of the porn industry in the 1970s. Everything in excess was the motto of the hour, but this film doesn't really portray those ideas in a good way. Everything spirals downward in a fashion similar to requiem for a dream in an intellectual montage. The characters were so great, I found myself rooting for these despicable people, even at their lowest. While not a film to watch repeatedly in a short amount of time, definately one everyone should see once.
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What is it about Paul Thomas Anderson that enables him to get the absolute best from his actors, even if they are normally sucky when not performing in one of his productions? Is it his writing? Is it just his perfect casting? Is it the editing? Or is it the relationship he has with his players? Something else? Perhaps somebody more educated in the behind-the-scenes film world could tell me.

Let's take a look at all the actors that have had their finest turns when working with PTA:

Adam Sandler -- Punch Drunk Love, this one stands out the most.
Mark Wahlberg -- Boogie Nights
Burt Reynolds -- Boogie Nights
Tom Cruise -- Magnolia
Luis Guzman -- Every one he's been in.
Melora Waters -- Magnolia

Those are the most obvious ones, and it's my contention that P.S. Hoffman's best role was as Scotty in Boogie Nights, as well as John C. Reilly's Reid Rothchild was his best performance. I think there's a few more I'm forgetting. Phillip Baker Hall in Magnolia, perhaps?

Anyway, I have infinitely more respect for directors who are writers and directors, the Anderson's, the Moodysson's, and the Coen's of the world. Is it just me?

So my boss strolls into my office this morning and asks me if I'd like to take some summer courses at Wharton School of Business in what's called their Marketing Certificate Program. What could I say? He told me that he'd pay for it, so I guess I have to do it. Learning is fun, but not in the summer time. Never during the summer. I haven't done homework in over five years. Homework bites.

Has anyone seen the trailer for James' Journey to Jerusalem? Horrible title, but the coming-of-age story looks awesome, in a cinema verite kind of way. The African music playing in the trailer sounds great. It's opening in P-town this weekend, I'm definitely going to try and catch it.
i really enjoyed this movie and yes dirk diggler has an ENORMOUS DICK. i was shocked. it reallly did unfold such as people said.
You may notice I've been rather busy watching movies. This is because the only thing I can do this month is study, read books and watch movies. And eat stuff that's been in the fridge for days and doesn't look too appetizing.

The Dead Zone: Intriguing, but a bit episodic. Walken makes up for it with another great performance.

Boogie Nights: Not a dull moment; Anderson's style gets a bit tiresome after a while; questionable moral.

Shrek 2: Hilarious, even if a large portion of the jokes are going to age very badly; basically repeats message from the first film.

Girlfight: Strong acting by Rodriguez makes up for the plot's clich

EDIT: Rescore from 8 to 10 on Aug.23 2007
this is a wild ride! most of the movie is amazingly funny, subtly funny-not in your face funny- where you must pay very close attention to the brilliance of the dialogue. however, the film certainly has some dark turns as well.. the array of characters is exciting and the ensemble of cast is as impressive as i've seen in a movie.. so very very good!
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