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I just finished watching Blue Crush for I think the 3rd time. I really enjoy this movie. It has some good surf scenes and a decent story line. The acting is not all that great, but hey, its a fun popcorn movie... it's a good old time. Rent it

*** /4 or 7 /10
I'm apparently still employed at Sav-A-Center. No phone call telling me I was fired. Didn't think they would fire me on my day off, a la Friday.

And what a day off it was. Just sat on my ass when I wasn't sleeping.

I turned on the TV when I woke and Blue Crush was what was on. It had just started and I just sat and watched it. And I enjoyed it. Really surprised me. It was cliche, and a chick flick, but it the leads weren't too sugary, and it avoided some of the pitfalls I thought it would eventually lead itself into. Plus, I was really impressed with the photography of the surfing. Especially the last competition. It was intense and beautiful at the same time. Worth checking out, I say.

So, Chase on '24' is a daddy. And Michael Bolton from Office Space works at CTU. And next week the shit hits the fan, according to the previews.

And there is no beer in the house. Rrrrr... I want a beer. There is some Mike's, some Southern Comfort punch thingies, but... I want a BEER. Eh... there's always hard liquor in the cabinet.
:fresh: :cool:

Blue Crush digs deep within the world of surfing and uncovers the most amazing surfing documentary I've ever known. This movie truly inspiried me to surf. Since I first saw the movie I have learned so much about surfing, the culture, and the language.

Kate Bosworth, who potray's the struggling Anne-Marie, has soared to new heights as an actress. Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake have also greatly contributed to this amazing movie.

I also want to say that to all that thought poorly of this film are sadly mistaken and misguided. Poor you.
Yeah, went out sledding with some friends, but we didn't stay out long. Then we went back to one of their houses, and shovelled her driveway, then went in for hot chocolate. Started watching Blue Crush (not a brilliant movie plot-wise, but it's a good time, plus, it was nice to see all that sun and beach, when we're stuck under three feet of snow.) and wound up staying for dinner. Ate pizza, then watched the end of the movie. Then we sat around, and my dad picked me up at 9:30 because there's a city- (or perhaps province-) wide cerfew (off the streets by 10, or else you could get a $1000 fine) The plows really need to work, so they're keeping people off the streets.
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Better than I thought it would be. More than just girls strutting around in bikinis. Pretty typical plot, tho.
Welcome to the 10 Spot.

All 5 of the films I rated today are excellent in one form or another.

Fight Club: For its ingenious plot twist, film splices, concept and acting by Norton and Pitt. The explanation of airplane emergency procedures brought about good points about what our society has come to.

Blue Crush: This movie really brought surfing into the main stream. Female surfing specifically. Although it in no way tops the ultimate surfing movie Endless Summer, this film glorifies surfing in its own way with a plot that isn't too far fetched or too lame.

Spider-Man: This film fucking ruled, there is no way around that. I went to two back to back shows, something I've never done before even with Star Wars. Everything about this movie was cool.

Spy Game: Robert Redford kicks ass in this movie as a clever CIA agent working to save Pitt from certain doom 5000 miles away. The best part is he does it all without leaving the office. Suspenseful and well shot.

The Goonies: This film needs no review or explanation. It was like the flying butress of the 80's!

I'm about 20 pages in to my script so far for the movie of summer 2004. I will release the title tonight or tomorrow. I'm going for an hour run time and an occult horror/action genre. This side project uses two characters from my BIG movie and serves as a way for me to practice my characterization and experiment with my filming techniques. More soon.
because they bore me senseless - this one included
I won't dispute the weakness in the story and some so-so acting. In this particular case I rate this movie highly for its video and especially audio quality. For any home theater fanatic looking for top notch sound this is one of the best. When they're out in the water laying pipe, etc... its about as good a sound track as I've heard. You can almost feel the water getting in your ears. The video isn't far behind but that was easier for the filmmakers since the Hawaiian coast is so beautiful. I found the story to be passable, but there are a couple of segments that are dumb and I skip over on repeat viewings. Some of the extra features on the DVD are also good. If you have a good HT audio setup this needs to be in your collection!
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