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Bloodsport 1988

Follows Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, who decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where fights to the death can occur...

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Probably my favorite Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Some really great fight scenes. Again, terrible acting and a weak plot, along with some terrible child actors in his back story, but who's entertaining as hell.

I can't help it...I love Van Damme movies...
Where do I start? All the fights, all the moves, all the great characters? Simply put I watch scenes from this movie almost on a daily basis and it never gets old. This older movie incorporate many styles of fighting and makes it even more exciting because of the attitudes of the fighters. The story is based on a true story, Frank Dux goes to Hong Kong to fulfill his dream of becoming the champion of an underground boxing league. He goes their to honor his trainer, Tanaka, and meets up with another American, Ray Jackson. Together, they compete in the tournament against Chong Li, Suan Paredes, Joao Gomez, Pumola, Chian Ip Mung, and many others opponents. Check out this movie even if you have a remote interest in martial arts. If you have a weak stomach, don't worry, the worst of it is blood and a broken leg here and there. That's it. The movie has a few camera errors, including filiming Dux's girlfriend and the two FBI agents sitting down before they actually entered. But since it took me over fifty times of watching the scene before I noticed, and since this problem does not ruin the overall greatness of the movie, this movie easily gets a perfect rating in my opinion.
The fights are good but the movie is bad the script is bad. Sadly the fights can't save this movie but it can and did make a star out of, Jean Claud Van Dame. This just isn't his best.

Bloodsport (1988)

This is just an entertaining 80's film and one of Van Damme's first films. I'm not even into martial arts movies but I really like this movie and I still find it to be the most rewatchable Van Damme movie.
Why is Jean-Claude American? Anyway, this movie is replete with 80's moovie music and slow-mo attacks. Also, a tall, muscular, fat, fighting, blue collar, beer drinking American wearing a Harley bandana. Does this movie leave anything out?
This movie is totally awesome! No really! Ok, it's just a kind of cheap action flick but hey, I found it enjoyable because Van Damme is sexy and the way that big chinese guy flexes his pecks at the end is just funny to watch. If you've never seen this, stop cheating yourself out of life's cheap thrills and go watch it! It's tournament fighting at its most Hollywood state!

Out for Justice
You know the funny thing about this movie, like all old Segal movies, is watching them on TNT. These movies are filled with some of that good 'ol foul language and when you hear a guy go 'Motherfriggen' you just want to laugh out loud. Well, as far as the movie goes, Aikido is an awesome martial art and Segal really makes it look high impact in this movie. The story is ok, but it isn't extraordinary. Hell, who needs a story when it has a bunch of fighting?

Now, to wrap up my four part dedication to the natural disaster that is still wreaking havoc on my life financially, I would like to state that yes I am still mapping a shitload of games. Yes, I have started reading my book up to the point where I left off so I can annotate things to continue on with my writing.

I have gotten rid of NetZero(the biggest piece of shit in the world) and finally got back to a normal connection. It feels so much faster now. I haven't been disonnected once either.

I'm still unemployed and yeah, the hurricane tore into my fundage rather violently. Tomorrow I am going on the prowl for some hopeful jobbage, but my spirits aren't very high at all. I'm really depressed about how retardedly hard it is to get a decent job around these parts.

I will begin updating my journal more often I hope. But just know that I will probably be here and I will probably be mapping. If you care about what I'm mapping now? I am working on Super Mario Land, The Lost Vikings, World of Warcraft, Earthbound and Starcraft. So hey, when I get done with most of those games I'll be happy!

I hope anyway.
THE NAKED GUN: FROM THE FILES OF POLICE SQUAD! (4.5 STARS)-Staring Leslie Nielson, & A man that was proven NOT GUILTY O.J. Simpson. Im sorry what evidence proved him guilty... thats right none.

HOT SHOTS! (4.5 STARS)-This is a hilarious spoof of Top Gun, stars Charlie Sheen & Cary Elways. Did i mention this is Hilarious.

BLOODSPORT (4 STARS)-I always manage to catch the end on Spike TV. But really thats all you need to see.

THE MIGHTY DUCKS (4 STARS)-This may be the best little league Hockey movie ever. I don't know D2 gives it a run for its money.

ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS (4 STARS)-This is my last Ernest review, but I gave it a hell of a run.
The best of Van Damme. A guilty pleasure of mine. Simple premise where Van Damme's character esapes his military base to enter a Chinese tournament declaring the best martial artist in the world. Sweet fight scenes, a scary villain, and bbaaadd acting.
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