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Blast from the Past 1999

A romantic comedy about a naive man who comes out into the world after being in a nuclear fallout shelter for 35 years...

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Really cute/wonderful movie.
Pretty good. I would give a min of 7-8 and I would surely consider to go it max ratings. 10/10.
This movie is rather corny & dumb, but I had a major crush on Alicia Silverstone when I was younger
:up: Blast From the Past is a comedic gem full of laughs from the minute it starts until the minute it ends.

Brendan Fraser shows off how his comedic talent in Blast From the Past. In the movie, the scientist Mr. Webber decides to build a secret bomb shelter for his family during the Cold War. Later when a plane crashes in the backyard, the Webbers rush into the shelter thinking an atomic bomb has just gone off. They stay there for 35 years until Brendan Fraser is forced to go into the outside world with the "mutant defects of the Cold War". He then enlists the help of Alicia Silverstone to buy and store food supplies for his family's under ground shelter. The movie will keep you laughing from beginning to end as Adam goes on his many adventures of finding a super market, adult video store, liqure store, and Holiday Inn in this quirky comedy. Of course the film has a happy ending as Adam and Eve get engaged, and his parents eventually get out of the bomb shelter. :D
Blast from the Past - which isn't - finds Brendan Frasier as a grown up little boy raised by his crazy and paranoid parents in a bomb shelter for thirty-five years because they believe that the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into a full-scale war.

Supplies are running low so Brendan Fraiser's character, Adam, ventures to the surface to the first time and faces 1999 head on hoping for the best - but meets Alica Silverstone instead.

Folks, this is romantic comedy at it's hokeiest. Brendan's sweet little nativity wears thin after fifteen minutes and Alica's bug-up-her-ass character is almost as hard to swallow as her Clueless role.

Brendan plays yet another nice guy who's been out of civilization for years (See George of the Jungle or Encino Man... on second thought, don't see Encino Man. I'm beginning to wonder if ol' Brendan's getting typecast as the fish out of water.) and Alica plays a bitch.

It does finally answer the question of why sweet women are always dating jerks. It's because all of the sweet guys are dating bitches. Figure it out people and, for God's sake, fix it!
I love vampire's, so Salem's is right up my alley. Barlow had a great look, but I wish they had developed and explained his character more. The freeze frames after the vampire bites threw me a little, but thats because it's originally a tv movie. I'm glad I got to see this flick, I've been lookin for it for awhile and the tv remake is going to air in June '04. I was very interested the whole way through.

I was talked into watching Blast by my girlfriend Sarah. It starred Brendan Fraser so I thought I might get a little entertainment from it, and I did. I loved Brendan in the Mummy and Encino Man. This movie brings a little smile to your face the whole way through. Dave Foley is great as Troy. You can see his Kids in the Hall influenced gay skits which is fun to watch. This is a nice little movie.
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Mrs. Shannon has been demanding all of my time with babysitting and housesitting, so I haven't been on the computer at all for a week or two now. Some little things I want to mention:

I finally got Peter Pan on DVD, and my favorite 80's movie Space Camp as well. I absolutely love the behind-the-scenes featurettes on PP. Jason is so funny. :D I have yet to watch SC... Oh, and I'm happy because I ordered Dave Mathews Band - The Videos: 1994-2001 on sale! So that's good.

When we are at Barnes & Noble last weekend, they had an awesome sale I couldn't pass up: buy two classic novels, get the third for free. It took me forever to decide which books to get, but I finally settled on David Copperfield, Pride and Prejudice and a combined book containing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. So I finished Lord of the Flies to start on the new books, and oh my God was that story incredible. I was dumbfounded at the end. If you haven't read it, I would definitely recommend you do.

And guys, I'm going to indulge a little secret in you all. Next year when I'm 18, I'm going to attend the Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball. I don't care where it is, I'm going to go next year before I begin college. It just looks like so much fun, and it's always been a dream of mine toattend a real masked ball, and to be in a Labyrinth-inspired one... That's just perfect.

One of the things that made me decide on this was talk of prom. We went to a vintage store near me and found real Mardi-Gras type masks. I found a gorgeous purple and gold one with a thick wooden handle, and black feathers on top and bottom. It cost a pretty penny, but we bought it. Then we discussed my look for next year, and we decided on what I had already wanted: a period theme. We're going to hire a professional seamstress to make a gown combining the two in this picture:

It will have the coat in the first (mine will be pale silk, probably blue or green) over the dress (white or cream silk, unsure still), but the top of the second dress, with short sleeves (altered so they're not so poofy) and no lacy collar. Then I'll have gloves that go to my elbows, and either a pearl or jeweled necklace/earring set.

So of course, all this talk got me thinking of a Labyrinth ball I had seen online, and I found it again when I got home. I don't think my mom will say no, but I'm still a little hesitant to ask her. But then, I'll be 18 so she really can't stop me, especially if I save up for everything myself. I think it's the perfect treat for myself after enduring 12 years of hell.

Anyone here care to join me? ;)

Every once in a while I remember one line from one of my favorites and this is one of them. I was cleaning my sink last night and trying scrub something that just did not want to be scrubbed and the line popped into my head. In Sissy Spacek's voice.

The story: Adam is born and raised in a fall-out shelter. When he turns 35, the locks to the fallout shelter spring open because it's now safe to go up for supplies after what his parents thought was a nuclear bomb. Let's just say 60's morales mixed with late 90's morales mix in a very strange way. He meets Eve, she helps him to purchase supplies and navigate his way through finding a wife (from Pasadena).

I can't tell you how many time I've watched this silly movie. It was pre-Joaquin so I was still in my Brendan faze. How sad I am/was. It's one of the only movies I can watch with Christopher Walken (normally he scares the bejesus out of me), the others being Biloxi Blues and Suicide Kings. It's right up there with Bubble Boy for stupid entertainment value. I laugh, I don't cry, I ogle. What more could a girl want?
An undernoticed film. There is so much that is fun about this movie - the premise, Brendan dancing and being, well, Brendan's "clueless" self, Alicia's outrageous hair, Sissy and Christopher... rent it, buy it cheap at Target, love it. We do. We watch this often because it is so much fun.
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