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Blame It on Rio 1984

Best friends and their daughters holiday in Rio only for one to fall for the other's daughter...

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Blame It on Rio: 6/10

Suffers from some very poor acting and a bad script, it has that cutesy trite Neil Simonish script. There are a few amusing moments but it lacks substance and on the whole just falls flat. Michael Caine is pretty good though.
Blame it on Rio
Directed by: Stanley Donen

I've got a mixed history with Argento. I enjoy his 'brand' as it were, but I often feel as if his movies are missing something. Only one have I been completely satisfied with (Phenomena), and while I've enjoyed others, none have really jumped out at me. Maybe I just need another viewing of some of them.

This one, however, really fires on all cylinders. I guess I expected a mystery in this one more then a horror/slasher type movie, which is just what I got. Sometimes, I've expected more of a horror/slasher and gotten a mystery type movie, maybe that's why I've been disappointed.

It's about an American living in Italy that sees a masked man attempting to murder a woman...or did he? Nothing is as it seems in this twisty, windy, suspenseful film. It's not that any particular element really stands out, it just all blends together very well.

I think I need to watch Argento in different moods. He's not John Carpenter or Wes Craven or even Mario Bava. He's got some horror films, but they are much more Hitchcock then anything else (duh, I know, but somehow that doesn't stick with me always).

I watched this movie a long time ago and I still enjoy it. :) It's a classic.
If you like looking at beautiful naked 17 year old girls and don't care about a good script and good acting this movie is probably okay. Nice shots of Rio and hooters are about all this movie offers.
Very funny. I saw this when it first came out, and yesterday on Hulu. Good character development, very good dialogue, great integration of story with its setting. Sexy sure, but not prurient - like Rio.
I really liked this film. So much that I have it on DVD. Its very sexy and location of Rio and the women and the beaches are beautiful.
Gloria was crashed out and I decided to watch a film I did not remember from the 80's. Michael Caine, Demi Moore.. how could I go wrong? Easily, I'm afraid. What were they thinking when they made this? It is about an old pervert who hooks up and falls in love with his best friends 20 year old daughter. Nothing funny about this film. Not recommended.
This was a fun movie, and Michael Caine delivers lines that are both poigniant and funny -- perhaps only truly appreciated by a middle-aged man. Most women and Republicans will renounce Caine's character as perverted (outwardly), but any human being with any honesty in his soul will understand his weakness and applaud his ultimate epiphany. Anyone else can, and will, go to hell. Humanity is flawed and imperfect. Otherwise we should all be Gods, should we not?
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