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an action packed vampire movie, but with an obsolete story its just another dice/shoot em' up flick. an ok film

** out of 4
Story could've been better, but entertaining with some good bloody kill scenes none the less. Wish I could say the same about the sequels.
Despite the somewhat interesting plot and action, Blade really has nothing else to offer us. Its really just mindless violence and lots of blood. The Vampire mythology is rushed and not thought out, unlike the superior mythology of Underworld. Snipes delivers us with a great superhero performance, but even that can't save this movie from being as uninteresting as it is.
Action packed, but I wish the script would have been a little more interesting where you could get into the characters more. Still a good movie and entertaining. Wesley Snipes is good.
I like the action and Wesley Snipes' portrayal of Blade, but the storyline is pretty weak
"There's worse things out tonight than vampires."
"Like what?"
"Like me"

That's all that needs to be said, Blade is so bad ass no one is going to tell him he's not. Wesley Snipes looks like one dude you don't want to mess with anyone. Now if you give him a samurai sword some shades and stick him in a room with vampires you got Blade. I don't think a white guy could've done it.
Cinematographically, Blade is nearly everything a comic book adaptation should be, and Wesley Snipes does wonders with this role.

But I would have liked to see a more interesting conclusion to the script. And the casting of Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) was poor; Dorff is not quite believable as a legitimate threat to Snipes' Blade.
Until the late 90s, Batman and Superman were really the only kids on the block when it came to comic book adaptations. Suddenly however, the genre is dragged into the world of modern cinema with CGI and inventive action scenes. Meet Blade, the father of the modern comic book adaptation.

Wesley Snipes not only produces this project but stars as Blade, the tormented soul that spends his leisure time beating the living hell out of every vampire he can find. A half vampire himself due to his mother being bitten shortly before his berth, he is able to walk the streets during sunlight as well, which is why the vampire's christen him 'the day walker'. Blade only narrowly avoided giving into his blood thirst when he meets Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) who teaches him how to use his strength to fight against the vampires in revenge for his mother's death, and of course making him half human and half the thing he hates the most.

Director Stephen Norrington uses his experience working in the music video industry well with some quick paced editing and stylized violence that can make heads spin even by today's standards. Wesley Snipes does a good job in the role of Blade, a character that he knows from the inside out. Instead of focusing on the action hero coolness that some actors would be tempted to in this position, Snipes realises that the only thing keeping Blade going is his tormented past and the misery in his life. His path of revenge leaves him almost completely emotionless as he struggles to come to terms with that fact that like it or not he is one of them, and he has to drink blood in order to live. His companion Whistler is able to create a serum which keeps him going, but the lust for the real thing always remains.

If a decent plot and a story that makes you think is what you are looking for then think again. It exists purely for the purpose of entertaining, just like the comic book that came before it. So just sit back and relax as you watch the mesmerising action unfold in this fun and stylish film.
A great vampire movie. In my eyes, the first to start off the wave of comic book adaptions. And a successful one.
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