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Black Water 2007

A terrifying tale of survival in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia...

Release Date:
April 23, 2008, UTC
90 min
David Nerlich, Andrew Traucki
Fiona Press, Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, ...
Drama, Horror, Thriller, ...

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Solar rating:6.7


Imdb rating:6



Entertaining, a time filler, good ending.
You have the boat driver and the boyfriend mixed up he never had a gun obviously and this was a pretty good movie. Not my fav killer crocodile horror flick but worth a one time watch if you're into these kinda films ( people trapped alone with killer shark, snake, lion, bear, dog or whatever lol) like myself give it a try. 6/10

well to be honest i just dont get it at the beggining they guy in red said in tree he has car keys free sample cofee pen knife he never said he had a gun but when the girl searches him he has a gun O.o

5.5/10. It'll teach you not to go boating in Australian mangrove swamps. Therefore I guess you could say I learned something from the film. It is suspenseful at times and the acting is fine.
Sorry but i wish i could give this movie a possitive rating but the first 45min was so boring that i fell asleep and when i woke up i had to rewind. This however did not bias my opinion on the second half of the movie because i thought that it ended pretty good actually. For some reason the producers cheaped out on the first half of the movie. Not once was a croc seen in the same picture as a person and this made it really unbelievable to the point where you knew nothing crazy was going to happen. If this movie didn't start off so bad i'd say it was good but i couldn't see myself waisting that 45min ever again. Sorry a crock-a-crap in my if anyone knows of any good croc/aligator movies please let me know because lake placid is the only half decent one i've seen and i know there is potential in category.
Its rare to find a horror film which draws so much of its drama from the contemplation of its characters.. A tense thriller which received an unfortunate straight-to-DVD release in the US, sporting cover-art so uninspired I'd be surprised if this movie found its true fans. One major bonus is the lack of CGI in "Black Water" - real crocodiles take the place of computer generated cartoons, making the creature scenes all the more real.

Black Water
2007, 89mins, 15
Director (s): David Nerlich, Andrew Traucki
Cast includes: Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda, Ben Oxenbould, Fiona Press

Black Water isn't a horrible film, but sadly in the wake of films like Open Water and this years Rogue it simply isn't good enough to compete within the genre. Even at a fairly to the point runtime of 89 minutes the film feels to long and suffers dull patches whilst the low budget is clear and distracting from start to finsh.
The story is basically Open Water is the outback, a group of tourists, Lee (Maeve Dermody), Grace (Diana Glenn) and her husband Adam (Andy Rodoreda) take a fishing trip in a small boat up a secluded side of the Austrailian countryside. However their boat is attacked and upturned by a Crocodile and their guide killed, leaving the trio starnded on a tree overlooking the swampy river where the predator lurks. They attempt numerous escapes and devise methods of beating the animal but time and hunger take their toll, and not every effort at besting the animal ends in anything close to success.
Had directors Nerlich and Traucki taken their picture to a slightly smaller Hollywood outfit rather than an Aussie indi corp, they're effort would undoubtedly look better and wouldn't have been dumped straight to DVD. Complaining a film looks to cheap is a hard thing to do as it is like actively encouraging multi millions blockbusters and shitting on those working with more limited means. Sadly it's an issue I had with Black Water as the film looks less than the sum of it's minor costs, and whilst nobody needed Spider-Man or Transformers visuals, something better than this was neccesary.
The film was shot on location and the cinematography isn't well done and lacks any real sense of professional workers, thus directly undermining any real tone or mood the directors had planned. Unless that is they wanted it to look ugly and quite cheap. Theres also the frustrating fact the movie weakly mixes real crocs with far less convincing CGI counterparts, one instance in which the animal springs from the water is particularly clumsy in it's transition from reality to digital.
The actors are equally as underpar as the shots and effects, Maeve Dermody manages to crib back a little credibility by the end but far everyone else, this was eiether the wrong script or they're the wrong cast. In many ways this is another failing that can't be overlooked as the film really doesn't offer up any character worth feeling or caring for, ultimately the best scenes are those in which the Croc strikes and succeeds and thats a double edged sword for any horror film. Whilst the filmmakers will want their death and scare sequences to have appeal to the audience, by the same token they shouldn't want the audience to be enjoying that aspect the most. This suggest characters aren't resonating well with the viewers and this is eaxctly the case with Black Water.
The movie does endure a selection of dull patches and the attempts at a consisitent moody tension are ruined by the cheap look, but it has to be said on several occasions the film does pull out some quality scares and unsettling moments. One central idea surrounding a pregnancy brings an extra and interesting element to the otherwise by the numbers script, whilst later moments in the film are as genuinely suspense filled as anything likely to appear this year. One cool scene involves some inventive editing, a thunderstorm, the darkness and the croc is frustratingly memorable and effective, showing how good this film could have been. I don't really have much beef with the directors as they've clearly done as much as possible with the money constraints, and the fact they're script is a little run of the mill isn't the biggest sin in the monster movie cannon.
No the problem is with the entity who consigned the film such a petit budget and has run this potentially interesting scenario right into the mud. In 2003 Chris Kentis made the Solidly entertaining Open Water, which despite being way above the norm in it's genre was largely rejected by the masses and thus Kentis hasn't made anything since. If the same thing happens to Traucki and Nerlich they should be worried, their picture wasn't even afforded a cinema run and critical reaction has been mixed at best. If they ever get another chance behind the camera they had best make it count, because this barely qualifys as a footnote within it's own year.

Released- April 28 2008 (Cinema), November 21 (DVD)

Rating- MA15+ for Strong Violence

Taglines- What You Can't See, Can Hurt You
What Would You Do?


Australian Gross- $111,189

Three tourists go on a dinney boat ride down a river to go fishing in the Northern Territory. Their boat is ambushed by a killer croc and they are forced to hide up a tree. Desperate for survival, they try many things to get back to the boat and hopefully get back to the public.

Average. In all honesty i turned it off half-way through watching it the first time, because the croc was only shown once. Then a friend said watch it all, you'll like it. It often gets compared to Rogue, and never gets better reviews. When a continued watching it, the croc did come back and a few scenes were entertaining, but for me it took too long to get into the story. Majority of the film, they're stuck in a tree, and they just talk, which isn't very interesting apart from one of the sisters telling the other she's pregnant. It can't compete against Rogue, because Rogue is unbeatable, if you take any other croc film they're shit compared to Rogue.
The plot was very simple and if it was going to standout it needed to be interesting and have lots of great dialogue. It didn't. Only about five scenes in the movie are great and keep you hanging on for more. With the pregnant sister they tried to make you fell for her when she is attacked but they don't make you feel as if she is going to die. I like the setting of the plot, just not the dialogue.
The acting is believable, and to a point perfect. You feel for them in some scenes when they feel like giving up, but they don't. The acting is probably one of the best parts of the movie.
Overall, Black Water, doesn't shock, but it's entertaining to a point. My rating is 6/10
Short and scary horror from downunder. Great use of effects with the obviously low budget. Watch it.
At first glance I didn't think this film would amount to much but I am pleased to say that I was mistaken. This film was good, tension and suspense built steadily throughout the film (some parts I watched through my hands) and the ending was refrshingly original.
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