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Black Hawk Down 2001

123 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis...

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Сomments the book.. mark bowden reveals even more of these guys' personalities. like WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE, AND YOUNG - there was just too much in the books to cram into one movie. if you liked this one, you'll like WE WERE SOLDIERS with mel gibson.
Movie would have gotten a 100% if it followed actual details but any cinema fan should know that some room must be allowed for Hollywood. With that in mind, Ridley Scott has done an amazing job in adapting the script from the Mark Bowden novel. In my opinion one of three movies that should be required for any man or woman to watch prior to entering the military, the other two being Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan.
This is a film with potential. The actors were actually a bit decent. But then again, there is no plot...sure, you are trying to save Somalia from this rebellion (hell, they can make 231 kinds of movies based on all the rebellions SOMALIA had!!!) But this major rebellion had 21 UN troops killed and I'm not sure how many Somalians were killed also (I'm guessing 100s, maybe 1 or 2 1000). You don't have a main hero, you don't feel much emotion. DURING the movie it is entertaining, but they really had to make it 2.5 hours? They could easily cut 40 minutes and it would be a bit better! Great effects (I give no points for that), but reflecting, this movie should not win any awards. Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Schindler's List, Ben-Hur, All Quiet on the Western Front, those are movies we should be focusing on because they made sure that the script had a plot, not a teen's orgy of violence and just barely okay acting. So as an epic with a plot, this movie fails. A war film just to show people blown to bits, then it succeeds.
One of the best war movies made. The action is gripping and makes you feel like you are there. This is most certainly not for the faint of heart, but I think this movie is definitely worth a watch or two.
One of the top war movies I've seen.
This film was nothing more then an Action film disguised as a real war event.

All this film delivers is blood and bullets with no real story and a political message that is lost 15 mins into the film, which in turn makes you think, why am I watching this rubbish.

The only thing I came away with from this film is an understanding to how the US loses every war they start and how even the best directors can make bad films.

the story was choppy and the constant moving from one group of solders to the other seems like a poor attempt to make the film one long shoot fest.

This film will appeal to the people who like nothing more then to see blood and guts and don't care about good acting or a good story arc with character development.

If you want a good war film watch Full metal jacket or saving private ryan. If you want a film to pass the time and forget about 10 mins later I would say watch this.
One of Riddleys best movies.
AWESOME and completely accurate to real life...
Great film that once again makes you feel nothing but respect for all the men and women in the armed forces. Great performances threw in and threw out the film.
Black Hawk Down has all the makings of a great war movie. It has the budget, the great story based on real events, the established director, and plenty of fine young actors to fill the roles. That being said, it could have very easily been another mediocre blockbuster; but not this one. Black Hawk Down has a relentlessly brutal and realistic feel to it. Ridley Scott throws you right into the hostile territory of a rebel filled African market and won't let you escape. He makes you watch as his characters struggle to survive in the midst of complete chaos all the while trying to carry out their mission. The film proves effective because although the character development may be a little light for a realistic war movie, for some reason we still feel attached to the people on the screen. Also, the editing and sound are perfect and it even won an Oscar for both of those things. Black Hawk Down is a successful war blockbuster that hits it's mark and has plenty intensity to spare.
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