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Billy Madison 1995

In order to inherit his fed up father's hotel empire, an immature and lazy man must repeat grades 1-12 all over again...

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I love this movie, but perhaps if this site stopped just repeating links and the links actually worked, I could enjoy it more.

:fresh: slightly more humorous than tommy boy, but only slightly. another okay movie. I liked the penguin. heheh.
So I saw Billy Madison tonight for the first time and it was pretty funny, if a little absurd. I suppose that was the point and it was just effective enough to be enjoyable. So there.
so I started classes today... and by chance something awesome happened. It just worked out that I take 21 hrs this semester... and none (repeat... NONE) are on Friday!!! how cool is that? three day weekends and a semester full of book learnin'. I'm looking forward to this... not only am I closer to being done w/my bachelors' hence leaving MacShitville TN and going somewhere that actually could be worthwhile... but I get to be around PEOPLE. I've come to have some good friends here, and I can always make new ones. I miss katie terribly. I hope this semester will be a diversion from that as well... ah, well. Anyway, I got a copy of Waiting for Godot today to add to my growing collection of literature. I also got buttraped on my textbooks again... ah the life of a college student.
With the comedy of, well, very comic things, and the genious of, well, genious things, Billy Madison is fantastic.

Alright well after watching a bunch of cool movies, i thought i'd end my Victoria day long weekend by watching something funny. What better than Billy Madison, just a hilarious movie, even the story is pretty good. Just a really fun movie to watch, non-stop laughs, 10 on 10.
I love this movie.
I'll admit, when I was much younger I enjoyed Sandler's material. His albums had their moments, his movies ran hot & cold and his SNL skits would work here and there (usually if a better comedian was onstage carrying the bit), but these days I find I'm not appreciating his stuff as much.
Some, yes I still can enjoy...but let me expand on "Billy Madison", a prime example of how Adam Sandler can go horribly wrong.

Be it his inconsitant voice (going from retarded to hyper-retarded...cuz it's funny to make fun of that sort of thing y'know), the emphasis on powerfully unfunny bits (Billy speaking annoying gibberish at the dinner table) or simply a shitty plot with bad characters (by all real logic, the bad guy SHOULD win...points are made to prove this but Billy is designed to win simply because he's our "hero").

A summary (I don't care if I'm a spoiler, you should know the ending by watching the preview):
Billy is an idiot, his father won't leave his hotel chain to him because he's an idiot. Billy rivals the future owner by vowing to repeat grade 1 through 12 in a few weeks. Father agrees (prolly cuz he's an idiot too). Billy has wacky misadventures through a sea of fart noises and eacky characters until he finishes. Oh my, but it wasn't over yet, he must face his rival head on in an "educational decathalon". Shit goes down, Billy wins, bad guy acts like a bad guy, Billy's friends come together to help, Billy wins s'more.(Thank God) he gives up his postion of heir to the "cool" business partner to become a teacher (isn't he swell?).

Not surprisingly there are some genuinly funny moments (breif as they may be). I personally liked Steve Buscemi's cameo as a subtle yet homicidal man who Billy used to pick on, and the scene where Norm MacDonald realizes Billy is gone poolside.
Unfunny moments inculded this one:
*teacher doing attendance* (I'm making up the makes no difference)
danny? here
sara? here
jordan? here
billy? *billy makes fart noise, everybody laughs*
end scene

that was a minute or two where Chris Farley could've made another cameo (he stole each scene he was in.
Overall, rent Happy gilmore or Waterboy, they're stupid too but funner to watch.

I thought I'd throw in a little review of Sandler himself too. As I mentioned, he runs hot and cold. His first album is rather humourous, the latter ones are not exaclty gems. His movies seem to get better as better actors begin to support him. His appeal lies primarily in tween boys who like his pervertedness and easy to understand approach to comedy.

This lad is also a mutli-millionare which makes me want to take him down a few pegs. He produces shit films (commonly with Rob Sneider in them), his character's are painfully limited (mock singing, retarded speaking through his own tongue and rage piled upon rage...that's it!).

His fanbase varies, I still watch his films for some sort of twisted nostaglia to the days of lesser intelligence and the fact that they can't hurt me anymore (they can't make me anymore perverted or foul-mouthed now that I'm older).
They're easy to watch, prolly why they're so popular. I'll keep watching them, and enjoying them just when I don't feel like exercising my brain all too much.
Let them eat cake I say...or in this case let them here Sandler's song At a medium pace so that al the children can hear about you sticking a shampoo bottle up your ass.
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