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I saw this movie as a kid and thought it was incredible. I saw it again a couple of months ago, and thought it was alright. Plain and simple it was better than "The Burbs."
That doesn't say much, but this movie was a much better indication of what was in store for one of our time's best actors. It was also good for a laugh, along the lines of the Bachelor Party...and at least it didn't go on as long as Cast Away.
The one scene everyone can relate to is Hanks dancing on the keyboard with Robert Loggia. It's the kind of thing everyone wants to do as an adult. It's juvenile, but a tonne of fun. The problem is we all think we're too grown up and have to set an example, that we can't have that kind of fun in life. "Big" let's you do just that.
yep this was a great tom hanks movie.
fun for the whole family.
and then it got sad becuase tom didn't have anywhere to go but in his apartment and he never been alone like that before. then he got young again at the end. yep.
pretty good movie... tom hanks is great at choosing movies
If you noticed the pattern, these are all BIG movies.
Big Trouble is my favorite movie of all time, so 'nuff said there.
Big Momma's House is great. Love that movie.
The rest of the movies are okay.Big is a classic. Big Green is a good kids movie.
And Big Fat Liar sucks.
It's a long time I stopped my creating novel or scripts. Like rewrite "Risky Business", I had necktie for developing after when heroine and hero meeting cause I didn't want to follow totally like films. Now Tom Hanks' "Big", I rented DVD year ago but recently something into my mind, so I start to adaptation. The point is, I'm weired since my childhood so I rewrite them from my respection and...characters! Sex is upside down of course, for I never have boyfriend all the time!

I still haven't clean my room due to very poor for classification, one of clubmate in university mocked me that I wa good at collecting but had no idea how to sort out! That time, I didn't know about ADHD and Taiwan had no idea at that time.

Too curious about sequel of Die Hard 2 since I saw the first episode, I rent it from Blockbuster to see. Yeah, the time still set for Christmas and location is airport. Don't know if all airports inspired to have precausion or redeem terrorists take over the landing system and black out the airport? It was so small light when McClane held two torches for trying to stop the plane whose the first run out of gas!

In the end, his wife Holly asked Bruce Willis: Why we always met such things?
The answer is: Audiences like it so we have sequel to see!
Tom Hanks is great. A wonderful tale from woman Penny Marshall.
:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: There where a few age switching movies with-in a few years of each other. this was the best one. Tom Hanks was on the way to becoming a bigger star with each film but this one really blasted him off.
What can i say? This weekend been fun, i know it's Monday but we have a bank holiday so i got another day of skool... Came at the right time too as i was getting really stressed with skool... I talked to Erno for ages this weekend, friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night :D The phone bills huge!!!
What a great movie. Tom Hanks continues his huge rise to stardom in this 1988 film, directed by Penny Marshall.

One thing I have been noticing is that PG films from the 80's all have much more swearing than PG films today,. I mean, this movie dropped the F-bomb, for goodness sake!. Just mentioning it out of curiosity.

One last word, I am not going into plot details because this is a classic but I will say that it has aged VERY well and is still incredibly enjoyable to today's kids (and adults).
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