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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2 - The Battle for Doldrey 2012

a.k.a. "Beruseruku: Ougon jidai-hen II - dorudorei koryaku"

For three years, Guts believed his mission was to pursue Griffith's dream together with him. But in order to become Griffith's equal and truly be called his friend, Guts realizes he will...

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 7.8



is any of these english dubbed? tried 3 of em all subbed...sadly they got this movie on youtube dubbed but its craaapppppppaaayyy video quality
Good sequel. It was even better than the first one, with much more action and political drama. Looking forward to the last one.
This movie starts very promising, but than has same lengty political/drama bit that actualy made me skip part of the movie.
At some point I probably wouldnt even have been interested any more in part 3 was it not for the last 5 or so minutes of the movie...
yeah this is gonna make wake for the sleepers. def a hidden gem. if you like animes of course. 8/10 for too much drama lolz
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