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Ben-Hur 1959

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge...

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Overall: Watch it if you want to get a taste of the best of the best. (epics)
Ben Hur is a timeless classic set in Biblical times. Beautifully shot, performed, and written, this film has many memorable scenes and moments. The chariot race is one of those memorable, gripping scenes. Another touching scene is where Hur is offered water by the Jesus character - a scene that is referenced later in the film. In short, Ben Hur is a story about suffering and loss, and it is a story of love, hope, and miracles. It features love and betrayal, revenge and forgiveness. In fact, it has all of the elements which make a good film. The only problem that I had with this film is that it feels like it is two stories in one. While the majority of the film seems to focus around Hur's misfortune and finding a way to get back home, another story evolves upon his return home. Direction seems to be lost here, after Ben Hur comes back home and then decides to locate his missing mother and sister. This second story is more spiritual and turns the misfortunes of the Hur family around, so we get a pretty happy ending. In conclusion, Ben Hur is definately one of those films that have to be seen at least once. Chances are, you will enjoy it as most people tend to rate this film highly.
Personally, I am not a huge fan of Charlton Heston's work, but this movie was surprisingly entertaining. The chariot scene was absolutly stunning and you will be surprised to know that the scene was filmed almost 50 years ago. The scene stands out in this movie more than anything else. Charlton Heston has an amazing performance and probably the best performance of his acting career.
A massive movie, expertly filmed and exceptionally edited, Ben-Hur is an epic tale of the Christ.

Heston does well, but as usual, he overacts in many places. Hawkins is'nt in the film enough, and well, the rest of the cast is fairly unremarkable. But, great scenes such as the Galley sequence, and the legendary Chariot Race are as timeless as ever.

In my opinion, not as good as Spartacus, but easily the only good film to have won 11 Oscars.

Ben-Hur (1959)

For years I'd wanted to see Ben-Hur. I was always told if I liked Spartacus I'd definitely like Ben-Hur. I was really impressed with Ben-Hur but on a very different level than Spartacus. I still think Spartacus is a better and more entertaining movie, but Ben-Hur is great in its own right as well. It has a lot similarities but it was much different than I expected it to be. As someone who knew very little about the movie, all of the biblical elements were unexpected but very interesting. The movie felt like it had ended when there was still over 30 minutes left and after that the film just went into a completely different direction but it was a very good movie overall.
It is my favorite movie, I think that is one of the best films of all the times.
Ben-Hur is definately an epic film but I found that to be one of it's problems. The film lacks depth yet has a running time of just over 3 1/2 hours. Heston is enjoyable to watch and charismatic but does overact in most of his scenes. The film has several memorable scenes none more so then the chariot race. It is indeed an amazing sequence and extremely well done and my personal favorite scene. Ben-Hur didn't move me but there is much to admire and it keeped me entertained throughout.
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