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Ben 10: Race Against Time 2007

Ben Tennyson returns home from summer vacation only to discover that a rapidly aging alien criminal named, Eon, is planning to use an ancient alien artifact to destroy Bellwood...

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i love it

Cute family film, it has imagination but too much of it could only be found amusing by kids, and adults might be rolling their eyes. Fair. Mildly entertaining.

The town of Bellwood prides itself on being the most normal town in the U.S.A., or so the welcoming sign boasts as you enter the town. But things are about to get as far from normal as they can be when Ben Tennyson (Graham Phillips) returns home after a summer of battling aliens along side his Grandpa Max (Lee Majors) and his cousin Gwen (Haley Ramm). Upon his return, a new menace emerges determined to take Ben's awesome powers away for his own evil purpose.

I've never watched an episode of Ben 10, though after seeing this film I am interested in doing so. The premise is a really cool one. The idea that a kid has a wristwatch of sorts that allows him to turn into various aliens, each with their own skill and talents, is a very cool idea. I would kill to have something as awesome as Ben's watch, and be able to change into things when the time called for it.

The movie could have had a better villain than Eon (Christien Anholt) was. He kind of looks like one of the guys from Daft Punk, just that you can see his face through his helmet. Eon is your standard bad guy, and isn't dynamic in anyway. Plus he has one of those confusing reasoning on why he is doing evil things.

I did like a lot of the characters in the film. There were a group of people who called themselves The Plumbers that I liked. They essentially protect Ben from afar, and try to keep Eon from reclaiming a powerful weapon of his that they now have. I thought that Graham Phillips was decent as Ben, though nothing memorable happens with his performance. Also I though Haley Ramm was alright, but falls into the same forgettable performance. But what are you to expect out of a t.v. movie made for kids?

The movie ends with Eon inhabiting the body of Ben, and his cousin Gwen desperately pleas with Ben to fight Eon's takeover of his body, and even finds time to deliver that much cliche line "I know you're in there!" as she is doing so. And then the movie sort of ends with a very anti-climatic finale. So, Ben 10 Race Against Time is a decent film, but I imagine that the series is a lot better. Still, this movie is entertaining even if it is flawed.

An absolutely pathetic attempt to make a movie... just who do they think they are, taking a good show and making a crappy movie about it, and after all the clear hate about it, THEY DECIDE TO MAKE A SEQUEL?!?!? COME ON! SPENDING THE WHOLE BUDGET ON THE THEME (which, i have to admit, is'nt bad) AND THEY DECIDE TO MAKE A SEQUEL TO THIS JOKE OF A FILM?!?!?!? I'D RATHER WATCH GRASS GROW
Despite Lee Majors' excellent position in the role of Max Tennyson, the film falls flat with mediocre acting and special effects, and a script that seems like it was written by a child in school.
Cartoonish,yet entertaining.
Very good movie,a cool plot,BUT
Gwen,is really dry(mean the actress)
For a first time thing like this it's suprisingly good and props to the writers and the director for doing a good job with the obvious limited budget
I'm a fan of the show, but this movie has horrible acting and just plain sucked.
this is cool. love heatblast, diamond head and wildmutt.
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