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Being John Malkovich 1999

A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of the movie star, John Malkovich...

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Imdb rating: 7.8

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Being John Malkovich
Well John Malkovich was amazing in this movie, but other than that I didn't really care for it. It had potential but I HATED the characters. They were infuriating and I just kept wishing that Maxine would die horribly. I get that she was supposed to be something of a comment on the fact that people fall in love with bitches, but for fuck's sake!
:fresh: :fresh:
A fascinating, well-acted film with an admittedly absurd plot that is still interesting due in no small part to Cusack, Diaz, Keener, and Malkovich himself. The screenplay by Kaufman is also excellent, as usual.
This movie is funny and original. I mean i think it would be a guys worst nightmare if he saw his head on everybodys body. I mean that scene in the movie i like the fact that he just freaks out! The performances in the film are well done, i mean even Camerion Diaz does very well for her acting skills. This movie was pretty epic. Great acting and an amazing plot to side that. Very funny film and I had fun watching it.
this a amazing movie i fell in love with its weirdness its funny and messed up. cameron diaz is great in it as well is everyone else
This movie deserves what is amazing and original that it begs the question of whether Kaufman stole it from someone elses mind.
This movie introduced the world to the unique talents and minds of not only John Malkovitch , but of both Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze as well. It was the pinnacle of self-reflexive meta referential film (perhaps only until the duo reunited for Adaptation) and my first foray into the weird and wonderful underbelly of film. There is a lot of intelligence in the script, a lot of meaningful and well planned layers (Puppets and such) built into a concept as brilliant as you could ever expect, but what really sets this film apart from any others of its type is it's heart. This is an emotionally driven film and not simply an essay or brainstorm, in fact remove any of the pseudo-weirdness and there is still a very enjoyable film to be found here. This is due to some amazing performances by both the titular actor and John Cusack who both manage to play very flawed yet very relatable characters.

To think that Kaufman was initially told to rewrite the film as Being Tom Cruise seems much more ludicrous then a half floor or a secret portal. Malkovitch is played and played with to perfection. Truly everything is better with Malkovitch
How is this rated so high? a trully terrible movie . waste of time
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