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Behind Enemy Lines 2001

A Navy navigator is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops. Meanwhile his commanding officer goes against orders in an attempt to rescue him...

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Imdb rating: 6.4

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worth watching! nice movie :p
this is an awesome movie ive seen it bout 100 times lol still good


--I liked how the movie had two interesting story lines going, and how it would intercut between those two stories just as something terrible was happening which helped create tension and suspense.

--This film has great, stylistic cinematography. We get all different kinds of camera techniques for different sequences. The hand-held camera especially helps with the war atmosphere of the film.

--The most valuable thing you'll get out of "Behind Enemy Lines" is its wonderful action sequences. There are heaps of them and each is necessary and entertaining. The most enjoyable of them all is the first major sequence in which Chris character and his friend start with some fun flying that soon turns into a fight for their lives as they dodge and dive the Somalians' missiles. There are heaps of interesting visual techniques used and I literally was breath taken. Great work!


--I hate it Chris how has only just escaped near death, his plane has crashed and burned and he's on enemy territory with people who want to kill him yet he just smiles and cracks a joke. VERY annoying, arrogant and unrealistic, no matter how relaxed he is.

--For a war movie, "Behind Enemy Lines" is not very plausible sometimes. The best example of this is when Owen Wilson is running through an open field getting shot at by God knows how many Somalians and he dodges every bullet and doesn't get hit once. Very frustrating.

--What happened to the dude who liked hip hop and rap music? Chris said he would come back for him, but there was no reference to him at the end of the movie. Very annoying when plot points are just left hanging like that.


7/10 - A fun film packed with action sequences, but with annoying plausibility problems and plot holes.


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(JOHN MOORE, 2001)
Behind Enemy Lines stars Owen Wilson as the navigator sent on a recon mission over Bosnia by his commanding officer, Gene Hackman. When Burnett (Wilson) is shot down, Hackman organizes a rescue operation to bring him back. A very good action movie with great acting, twists, action, and suspense, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Hackman is grand as always, and Owen Wilson is good as the pilot running for his life. Directed by newcomer John Moore who had previously only done commercial, he does a wonderful job and delivers bang boom movie. The SAM attack sequence is thrilling, with great special effects, good editing, and a sense of anxiety as the plane tries to elude the missiles. If you like action movies, you will like this one. A great time at the movies and a good one to own, Behind Enemy Lines is solid entertainment. 7/10
Best in Show: Owen Wilson
One for the future: Owen Wilson
Stand-out scene: Hiding in mass grave
Brainer or no-brainer: Half a brain
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Owen WIlson shot this at the same time as Zoolander (requiring him to don a wig in the latter film) this movie being based on the real-life experiences of a US navigator downed in Serbian territory in 1996 amid the Serbo-Croat war. That he has since filed a suit against Fox for misrepresentation - apparently he doesn't swear as much as was portrayed and never disobeyed orders throws up more questions than answers. So he and his pilot were following orders entering a no-fly zone and making digital surveillance discs? Hmmmm. Of course it has the usual American gung-ho approach, Gene Hackman a model of US belligerence (he appears to be channelling his Crimson Tide performance) and of course the Serbs are cardboard cut-out villains. Very little time is spent on explaining the reasons for the Serb-Croat war but this isn't surprising as the heroic journey to freedom of a stranded American is the reason this movie got made. And for its genre (flag-waving actioner) it's a pretty watchable, if pretty sensational; Saviour 2 it's not (apparently some footage from that movie crops up in this one in the mass grave scene) the bare facts have clearly having been embellished for cinematic purposes. Owen Wilson, however makes for an engaging leading man (how awful would this have been with say, Vin Diesel in the lead role?)
Well-made and exhilerating action movie with strong performances from Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson.
RT found four films called Behind Enemy Lines. This one has Owen Wilson.

Very beautiful. Other words I could use are: enchanting, intelligent, puzzling, charming, enjoyable and satisfying. As I just now after watching it checked a couple of reviews of it, I was surprised to find that they mentioned a sex scene in it being somehow...something, i don't even know. Shocking? Memorable? Very odd comments because in today's standards the scene was hardly even noticeable.

Another annoying thing is, that an alltogether good and challenging movie like this gets labeled as "horror". What the hell is that? Yes, it was exciting at parts, but also so much more. Horror? Do you tend to get horrified at movies? You propably wouldn't call Death In Venice "horror", but this you must give such a worthless label. That can't be right.
Behind Enemy Lines (2001): 6/10

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