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Before Sunrise 1995

A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together...

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got almost all the way thru,can appreciate the art,but putting me to sleep 6/10
Before Sunrise and now there is (Before Midnight 2013).
I hope its not as boring as this was I had to shut it off, I couldn't take it anymore. I was forced to watch when family viewed it one weekend just awful.
They said they kept watching hoping it would get better.
Now same actors in (Before Midnight 2013.)
It looks fun, but this one was awful.
Worst movie I'd ever seen. (IMHO) Ill watch try anything but meh.
Fingers crossed this one is interesting and fun as it looks.
Enjoy. Cheers...
Before Sunrise (***1/2)

Im in one of those phases where I seem to like everything that put in front of me but hey i'm not going to complain, ive gone through stretches of the opposite. Before Sunrise is one of those feel good type films that I can like because the people behind it seem to understand pessimism rather than ignore it completely. Linklater films always leave me in a great mood and Before Sunrise was no exception. I loved watching the two characters grow and fall in love because it was grounded in reality but told with dialog you could only find a film. I can handle that. Id rather hear unrealistic but true dialog than see a stunningly realistic character portrayal because frankly it wouldnt be as interesting. These characters say the things we would all want to say but just cant put words to. Its a life affirming film that understands the other side of the spectrum too. Its optimistic but doesnt fail to recognize pessimism also. When I see trailers for films like 'Love Actually' I can't help but think how shallow they are. I can see the stories without even seeing the film. A cast of great looking characters have trouble falling it love but finally do at the end and everyones happy. Thats all well and good but a film is going to have to do more than that to make me believe it and fall for the feel good feeling its after. Before Sunrise does this because the characters are deeper than the situations they are in. Linklater wins his audience of with the authenticity of whats being shown on screen. Even if the situation isnt entirely believable, the thoughts and emotions behind it are.

A lot of romantic films get released each year. Most of them are really bad, a few are half-decent... and maybe once a year, a real gem appears. This year Lost in Translation is the gem, Last year it was Punch-Drunk Love, but I can't think of too many more in recent memory. A few weeks ago, I revisited Before Sunrise, a film that I had partially seen several years ago. I've been letting it sink in before writing a review.

This may appear, to the untrained eye, to be a simple boy-meets-girl story. He's an American bumming around Europe, She's from France. They meet in Vienna, and will only be in each others' company for one day, before he boards a plane headed back to the States. Ethan Hawke, in his finest performance, and Julie Delpy, who is quite good here as well, are the players.

It's an intelligent movie, and one which highly emphasizes dialogue. There is a certain subtelty between the characters, in the way they tend to dance around obvious issues - their attraction to each other, and how little time they have together.

Their chemistry engages us from the start, and they have literate, thought-provoking conversations, while obviously suppressing feelings of pain, past turmoils, and the impending loss of each other. Eventually, they lower their defenses and open up to each other quite a bit. They wander the streets, bars, and cafes of Vienna, sharing one poignant scene after another.

I couldn't get enough of this movie. This film was perfect. I guess it affected me a lot because I have been in similar situations, in similar locales. But I don't think that's a prerequisite. Almost everyone could find something to relate to in this film, but regardless, Before Sunrise should be held as the perfect model for an intelligent, realistic film romance.
story of two strangers meeting on a train, spending a night roaming the streets of vienna together and falling in love along the way... the dialogue in this film is perfect, from the awkward beginnings of getting to know one another to the sharings of one another's inner-most secrets and dreams... the dialogue is what prevents this from being another sappy romantic tale...however, the most beautiful scene may be when they share a song together in a listening booth at a record store and there is no dialogue whatsoever- i found this scene magical.. the scenery is beautiful, the conversations are real and interesting and the characters mesh so well together on screen...watching this movie makes me hate movies starring freddie prinze jr. that much more
RT gave it 100% but it was a bit slow in parts for me. But I like Ethan and I LOVE Julie so it was still well worth the watch for me . . .

Before Sunrise has to be one of the most heart-warming love stories ever created.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play two young lovers who meet on a train and go through a romantic trip with each other in Vienna. They open themselves completely, pouring their hearts out to each other. Hawke had just left a shaky long-distance relationship and finds comfort in Julie's character.

They are both beautifully constructed character which you can truly connect with. But, the performances accentuate the beauty of their characters. Both of these talented actors turned into their characters and clicked with each other. The chemistry was exploding off the screen.

THe conversations that they were having were insightful masterpieces, thanks too the beautifully constructed script from Richard Linklater and Kim Krizan. Their dialogue seemd so realistic, as if it were taken from a real conversation of two intelligent souls.

The director made some excellent decisions with the ways he decided to execute their love scenes, with the help of the excellent cinematography that gives you a subjective view of the two lovers. I felt everything the characters were feeling in the "awkward" scenes between them because of an amazing combination of their performances and the camera-work.

The film was a gorgeously contructed addition to the genre. I recommend it to everyone. It's a must-see love story.

P.S. I was completely flamed with excitement when I found out Richard Linklater is making "Before Sunset," the sequel. I can't wait to see what happens.
This was such a pretentious movie. But I didn't hate it. The romantic part of me, the part that's hiding in a crusty husk somewhere in the closet, loved the idea of just meeting someone and falling for that person completely. The movie watching part of me thought most of the conversation was pretentious. Especialy once movie characters start quoting poetry.

The idea of the sequel interests me though.

Before Sunrise

I just watched Richard Linklater's best film again, for the-I-don't-know-who-many-time. And every time I see it, I completely love it. The characters, the dialogue, the beautiful city of Vienna (I have never been there, maybe I should go and see it sometime).
But only one thing was different this time I saw it. The ending. Would they meet again in six months time, the question which I never needed an answer to, has been answered. In a couple of months the sequel will be released, Before Sunset. But I'm very curious now, I want to know if one or both of them went back six months later, I want to know how much these characters have grown, I want to know if these characters were made for each other or that their personalities have grown apart since that one night in June.
I was a couple of years younger than Jesse and Celine when Before Sunrise was originally released and I had much of the same thoughts as them but since that time my character has changed drasticly. I wonder if that will also happen to these two.
Before I begin, I should tell you I consider myself a bit of a romantic. I stories. I don't mean typical, run-of-the-mill pre-packaged Hollywood shit. I mean real love stories. Casablanca is just one of my all time favorite movies. Nothing I like seeing better then love at its best and the most unpredictable. I gave a great review on Eternal Sunshine for capturing relationships. Lost in Translation was a fantastic friendship love story. Before Sunrise is a story of two strangers, meeting by chance on a trip to Vienna, and take an interest with each other. Jesse (Ethan Hawk), an American on a Euro trip, meets Celine (Julie Delpy) a woman returning from a family member's funeral. After chatting it up for a while on the train and striking a connection, they decided to take a chance and spend the rest of the day together before Jesse has to leave for America the next morning. What happens next is an hour and a half about the philosophies of life, love, death, and just about anything two people can talk about. It must be seen to be understood. The bond these two people share with each other touches a person on the inside. It makes people feel.....warm and great. It is both beautiful to see this and depressing that we aren't the other person, being there in Vienna just talking. Made for romantics. Side note: Same director as Dazed and Confused and School of Rock.
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