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this is such a good movie. i still remember the feeling it left me with when i watched it as a kid.
A classic Disney animation Great!!
Good Disney Cartoons :3 !
A timeless classic! There is nothing bad to say about Beauty and the Beast. Great story, great characters, great songs! My favourite Disney movie.

Last night, my dorm hosted a beauty and the beast study break. So, instead of working on my essay, as I should have done (and should be doing now), I got to watch a delightful movie.

This time around, I really got into the animation more than I had. The music really affected me. "Be Our Guest" was by far my favorite scene from the film - it has so much panache that I cannot understand how someone cannot be entertained by it.

The problem with Beauty and the Beast, however, lies in its treatment of the peripheral characters. They are used with little regard for how this use is a commentary on society and the act of creating a story. Gaston is too one-note, but that's ok, because he is an archetype - a personification of vanity and lust itself. The rest of the town, however, transforms into a friendly environment, a sleepy village, into simply a bunch of dupes for Gaston. It surprised me that the only attractive looking people in the entire village were those three blonde women, Gaston (although that's debatable) and Belle. I know it's bad to criticise a movie because of elements lacking, and better to criticize for what is there, but done wrong, but I just couldn't help wishing for a bit more maturity in the depiction of the village.

Still, the movie is great. Of course, one wonders how the story would have played out if Belle had been a dog. Would the beast have been able to fall in love with her? Because Belle is beautiful, the Beast doesn't really have to solve his original problem, which was judging the surface of the person, and not their core. The origin of his curse is his refusal to acknowledge the humanity of a person because of their physical appearance: not once in the entire story is he required to acknowledge the humanity of someone as ugly as the hag at the very origin to lift the curse.

But oh well - the movie is without question pleasurable. The inadequacies of it only mean that stories similar can learn from its lessons and do better. Far better, I think, to concentrate on the obviously awesome characteristics of the movie than the few unsettling discrepencies.

Possibly my favorite Disney animated movie. Pinnochio is the only one that might take precedence.
There are really no negative things to say about this movie. The songs, the characters, the animation, it's all wonderful.

Beauty And The Beast

One of the best Disney animated films and probably the best after Walt's death. Great animation, wonderful characters and a beautiful score. I can't add very much more about this film, which has already been said a thousand times before.

Good bye, Lenin

I'm normally not really into German cinema, maybe that has something to do with the fact that I'm Dutch. But in the last couple of years, I've seen a number of German films that I really liked (Jenseits der Stille, Mostly Martha, Nowhere In Africa etc etc) and Good bye Lenin was no exception. A really nice original film, likeable actors, good direction, what more do you want from a comedy. A great way to spend an evening.
On a sad note however : The film is set in 1989-1990 and I remember those moments as if it was yesterday. That's almost 15 years ago. Is time really moving so fast? I was 14-15 at the time. I'm turning 30 in 2005. What have I really done with my life so far? The one and only answer : NOTHING. Next september I'm returning to college, I really hope it will all change for the better.

The Medallion

Why am I bothering even writing about this???
This is my favorite standard Disney animated feature. There was a reason this movie was the only animated feature ever to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture. The songs and voicework are tremendous, and Gaston is the most humorous/best villain in a Disney picture ever. The scene of Belle & the beast dancing in that ballroom is one of the most beautifully animated scenes ever put to film.
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