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Still good through the years.
Entertaining prequel, cleverly intertwining two tales set aboard the Battlestar Pegasus, one right after the initial Cylon invasion, the other during Lee Adama's initial days in command. As this show has always done, characters develop from start to finish in each episode. "Razor" is no exception to this principle, as Admiral Cain and her protege are especially well fleshed out. My only beefs: the haunted genius Dr. Baltar (my favorite character and, arguably, the heart-and-soul of the show) is virtually non-existent, and the Adama-command Pegasus scenes are a little too workmanlike. However, the Cain-command Pegasus scenes are haunting, and the final meeting with the alien-hybrid aboard the Cylon basestar is both mesmerizing and a fantastic teaser for the show's fourth season.
It certainly didn't thrill me, but it is respectably made with rather good special effects. I did not find the movie involving, and it just seemed like too much unnecessary dramatic garbage.
Battlestar Galactica Razor is an improvement over the horrendous Season 3. Hopefully this bridge to the fourth season means BG is getting back to what made the series great. Season 3 slipped into character development that didn't make any sense when compared to the foundation of the first two seasons. In Razor, one can see that Ronald Moore still wants to pare down the sci-fi to make room for the drama which is a mistake, but it was written better. Razor is decent, but not great.
Excelent movie. The addition of classic Cylons was awesome.
I found this movie so boring.I was looking for a fight with the cylons.I think I saw one or two of them?Good thing I didn't watch the series or id have seen the movie,with all the flashbacks they had.So little action or get even with the bad robots.I think the cylons reduced our race to a few left,with even our own killing humans.YUK.Gary

Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica premiered last Friday, and the second episode airs tonight on the Sci-Fi channel! Who-hoo! But its review will have to wait until after the series is finish. Season 3 and the made for TV movie special Razor are up next.

In Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, the cylons have taken over New Caprica and its inhabitants while Galactica, Pegasus, and the civilian fleet fled to avoid capture and defeat. The first four episodes are a roller coaster of a ride as we see the struggle between humans and cylons on the ground and with Adama trying to prepare his soldiers for a rescue mission to save those left behind. Lee, now commander of Pegasus, supported his father's plan until he learned that their cylon prisoner, Sharon, will be the liason officer of the ground crew in the operation. Lee, not wanting to risk the entire mission on a gamble that they can trust Sharon, argues that the survival of humanity is their utmost concern and if the mission fails so does the human race. Adama understands this and tells Lee he is right and that he will be taking Pegasus and the civilian fleet to continue their search for Earth. However, Galactica will stay behind to attempt the rescue of New Caprica.

How it goes down it quite spectacular, but unfortunately the season takes a dip in quality. It's still good, but the stories don't live up to the awesomeness of the first four episodes. It does pick up steam once the love rectangle between Starbuck, Apollo, Dualla, and Anders is somewhat squared away. Starbuck's "destiny" is explored in the shocking episode "Maelstrom" and Lee quits soldiering to play lawyer on the defense team in the trial of Gaius Baltar.

So the beginning and the end of Season 3 are quite good, with the middle being okay. Still a solid season and I highly recommend this series to everyone.

Razor, the TV movie that aired around Thanksgiving of 2007, takes place in Season 2 after Lee Adama is made commander of Pegasus. There are also flashbacks in the movie to when Admiral Adama was a young viper pilot and of the Pegasus crew under the command of Admiral Helena Cain from when the 12 colonies was first under attack in the 4 hour miniseries that launced the show. It can get a bit confusing to work out the timeline, and a revisit to the Pegasus episodes in Season 2 may be helpful. Overall the movie felt like a super extended episode and was a nice expansion of events that have already happened.
To my great surprise the movie didn't match up to the standard set by the series. I'm even not quite sure it deserved a full 7/10.

I guess the whole concept of showing a war from a female soldier perspective bugged me a little too much. Guess what? When they add it here and there in the series it's at worst passable and at best it enriches the story. When they decide to build the whole movie around it - it just frakking won't work. Armies and wars are for men. Period. And so the movies about them, sf setting notwithstanding.

Seen: at home.
4.3/10 --

Reveals very little that we don't already know (being the the Battlestar Galactica fans we are). Coupled with shabby directing and a boring protagonist, "Razor" makes for a pretty dull time. But becuase it's "Battlestar Galactica", it still manages to be mildly entertaining.
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