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Battle Los Angeles 2011

A squadron of U.S. Marines becomes the last line of defense against a global invasion...

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Imdb rating:5.8

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Great movie... Yes, a typical Alien invasion type but this one had substance like no others... Love the overall action and the story line about the Staff Sgt... 9.6/10
This is one of the most realistic Movies I have ever seen. Loved every second of the movie.
I do think they should of spent some ore time on the Aliens.
They should have worked more on the appearance of the Aliens (4/10)
The action was great (9/10)
Plot 7/10

Even though I love a lot of action, I hate movies which have 95% action and 5% plot...

Whole movie: 7.5/10
Aliens... they'r always so good to fly thousand of light years, but they'r always so bad with strategy... 8) anyway... not bad movie 8)
Very mediocre. Nothing new is added to the whole 'oh no aliens are invading earth' cliche. Its okay to watch if you like that sort of thing. Otherwise, I wouldnt recommend it
Boring, soo boring. 45 min in and you get nothing that grabs your attention.
No wonder this movie has been labeled as the mother of all disappointments. Cliche after cliche and meager excitement stretched for way too long. 5/10
That wasn't bad. Kind of a generic alien invasion movie (or I already saw it at some point because lots of sensation of deja vu), but definitely effective.
The only thing I'd complain about (and it really annoys me in most movies anyways) is the music. I mean, yes music helps with the general ambience of a scene, sure, but I'm pretty sure we got the point of what's happening and don't need the music to be so... bland and tasteless, kind of like they put music just because people are used to have some kind of sound on top of the movie's sounds. Kinda like putting salt in everything because if you don't it doesn't taste anytthing.
Well, that was the disturbing thing about that movie, the rest was ok and I had an enjoyable moment.
Excellent alien invasion movie. I was surprised how well done the story and acting was. Worth a watch if you missed it.
I enjoyed it. There is a typical apocalyptic feel to the movie. That part didn't surprise me because most movies like this will have a similar premise. As for the acting, it was executed well by Aaron Eckhart. The rest of the supporting casts did all right for the amount of lines provided. Overall, good watch. Entertaining throughout!
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