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Batman & Robin 1997

Batman & Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City...

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Imdb rating: 3.6

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oh my God....what the??? this is the gayest junk ever,and it is the dumbest acting except for uma Thurman this is a total queerfest..and yes I didn't forget Alicia with her pre-puberty mustache..this has to be the second worst batman ever besides the one with val kilmer and the obvious bouncing fin batmobile..good lord forgive these directors for I hope they know not what they do
This is why people think batman and robin are lovers .. . _-
Well! This one was better than the last one. Clooney did a better job as the batman than Kilmer did BUT he was no Keaton for sure! But overall I would have to say that it was pretty decent.

OMG who even thought george clooney would make a good batman its more than weird its crazy i'd have to see just enough of this movie just to see one actor that would never make a good batman! bobm glad you watch thease batman movies becuse i may never got a good laugh this morning if you didnt

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