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BASEketball 1998

Two childhood friends are pro athletes of a national sport called BASEketball, a hybrid of baseball and basketball, and must deal with a greedy businessman scheming against their team...

Release Date:
July 30, 1998, UTC
103 min
David Zucker
Stephen McHattie, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, ...
Comedy, Sport

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Solar rating:8.9


Imdb rating:6.6



Watched BASEketball tonight as well. Wasn't really in the mood so it was good but not that great. I find my mood really affects how I like a movie. Often I get a bad first impression with something just because I wasn't in the mood for something like it. Perhaps that's the deal with O Brother, Where Art Thou...I dunno.
Oh well...gonna finish Robocop 2 and Raising Arizona tomorrow...will post the ratings.
A Resty recommendation. A pretty funny movie! It peaked early, then kind of tailed off, but had some pretty funny and thoroughly original gags throughout. The plot wears out after about 15 minutes, but hey, plots are overrated anyways.

Mrs. Sea started watching this with the expectation that it was going to suck, but was won over from the opening sequence. She DESPISES pro athletes when they celebrate after making a play that they're paid to make, especially "organized" or "pre-planned" celebrations. If you know this movie, and you know the types of celebrations I'm talking about, then you know exactly how they won her over! 7/10 from Mrs. Sea.
i love south park so naturally when i saw this movie i fell in love with it, and that began my quest to find it. well i could never find it and i guess becuase it's my birhtday out of some luck i found it at best buy. i know i gave it 10 but in the comedy category its worth 10, maybe not in the best movies of all time but i really enjoy it.
From the director of The Naked Gun and starring the creators of South Park it's a movie about a sport that didn't exist until people saw it in this movie and started imitating it (like those morons who went out and got ran over imitating that scene from The Program). So, is it a funny movie? Does this pairing of two of the most brilliant comedic minds of the twentieth century work? You bet your kester it does!

BASEketball is a lot like There's Something About Mary in that it didn't shy away from poking fun at anything and does things that will send the pro-political correctness people into an uproar and give them all heart attacks (I hope!).

Trey Parker and Matt Stone prove that they can do more than act stupidly and scream obscenities by acting stupid and screaming obscenities... only now, they're doing it and not Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.

If you're a sensitive little prick who gets offended at every little thing that you think doesn't measure up to your own personal level of morality, number one: I don't like you very much, and number two: BASEketball will offend you so much that you will spend the rest of you life boycotting Universal and annoying everyone else.

For us normal people who have a life and like to laugh at cheap and raunchy jokes, BASEketball hits a home run. GOAL!!! Go see it dammit!
I have been on somewhat of a movie watching tear recently. Shattered Glass is highly reccomended, Hayden Christensen really is great here. So is the cast of Ripley's Game, namely John Malkovich, Dougray Scott, and Ray Winstone; a finely crafted neo-noir. A lot better than I expected. And, Spellbound is a documentary following eight national spelling bee competitors, very interesting.

The other two are awful, of course.

One of my favorite 'dumbed-down' background movies for when I'm working on the house, I put this DVD in on Saturday and got ready for a wedding. It's weird, I cannot help but do my own version of the happy dance when Trey has to do it. "I'm doing the happy dance, I'm doing the happy dance"

Best psyche-out: " Ew, it's fat liposuctioned out of Marlon Brando's ass, what am I doing *takes out straw and inserts into bag*... oh, it's salty! "
I know I should do some sort of comprehensive review- and oh look, I rhymed!- but I'm thinking too much to focus but I'm too asleep to write that much. So here's the ratings in order: 6.5, 8.6, 8.3

Here's a comment on each: I was crying-laughing at "Road Kill: Caught on Tape!"; Antonio Banderas is one sexyass fucker; Nic Cage would make a perfect Robert Lnagdon, since he pretty much played him in this movie.

Here's a final thought: Absolutely mindless but is good for a goofy south parkish laugh (my dad and I communicate now only using the word "dude"; I liked Once Upon a Time in Mexico better, and I wish he had made a third movie in b/w these two, but Antonio is awesome and the movie is fun and sexy; escapist entertainment that keeps you sitting on the edge-ish of your seat.

I stopped at Laila's for about a half an hour today with TropiGrill to talk about boys and work and school and food and then I left. It was nice, I miss my beetch. And Sascha

I'm tired, and sleep is not happening. Mergle. Ping, pong.
What am I supposed to do, give it mad props? Stick to Dodgeball if you want some goofs playing a sport. And you mean to tell me these dudes need to pull out their South Park tricks to keep the movie going? Boy oh boy...
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