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Barbershop 2: Back in Business 2004

Why not spend another day with the crew at Calvin's shop in the South Side of Chicago...

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Loved Barbershop, and this one's just as good. Its a 'real' movie just like the first. Almost as though it was just made, not for just your average viewer but people who want some good raw black humor. Cedric the Entertainer steals the show...
Time to go now, I have 3 weeks of 'Smallville' and 'Angel' episodes to watch, yippeeeeeeeeeee!
Although this movie had some funny moments I'd rather cut my own hair than go to this Barbershop again. I still think Queen Latifah is an amazing actress.
I finished an outline for a comedy mystery short story, wrote a page or two, setting the style and mood. That's some progress I guess but mostly I've been distracting myself, looking for excuses to do something else. I really need to make more progress.

Saw Barbershop 2. Missed the first one. It wasn't bad but I can't say it was good enough. I laughed a few times, only a handful. Maybe 50 first dates will brighten my mood when it comes out this Friday. That's it I guess.
I loved the first barbershop movie and couldn't wait to see a sequal, but then I heard that she would be in it (Queen L) and my hopes fell. I thought that they tried to go hollywood and make it a mainstream movie. I went and saw it and it turned out not to be that bad I found myself laughing out loud many of times. The Movie just kinda drops out at the end is one bad thing but other than that it is a good funny movie.

Directed by: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Writing credits: Don D. Scott, Kevin Rodney Sullivan, Norman Vance Jr.
Duration: 97 minutes

Date Watched: February 15, 2004
Brief Summary:
Calvin (Ice Cube), a highly regarded and adored barbershop owner in South Chicago is competing for business against a large corporate franchise, Nappy Cutz, a sleek and savvy urban hair salon providing everything except neighborhood soul. As things begin to heat up, a hush-hush partnership between Alderman Brown and Harry Lennix becomes quite perceptible to Calvin. Calvin knows of their under-the-table deals to make developments to the neighborhood, driving out the people and the old residence. To undergo the new infrastructure, the two corrupted businessmen bribe Calvin to persuade the rest of the community and the assemblymen at council to approach the situation as a beneficial factor towards the community. It is undeniable that their primary aspiration is to reap the financial investments from the business they plan to build. Prominently, Calvin is not easily persuaded and does not adhere to their deal, but unfortunately the assemblymen believe urban redevelopment is the thing of the future. Even though Nappy Cutz remains open across the street from the Calvin's Barbershop, it will eventually fail, as the neighborhood remembers their true calling for the "ol' school" barbershop.

Barbershop 2: Back in Business lacks the bliss of the original. It wasn't dissatisfying to the point where I would consider snoozing through it, but something was sure amiss. Cedric the Entertainer has mellowed down with the tasteless yet humorous jokes of which became raw at times. Barbershop 2: Back in Business is a spin off for Queen Latifa's upcoming release of Beauty Shop but other than that, the movie is nothing more than a 3rd tier (not 2nd tier) film with no real solid plot structure of which the film relied heavily on jokes to kill time.

Score: **/***** or ***/**********

Score System:
1 - Horrific
2 - Bad
3 - Mediocre
4 - Good
5 - Brilliant
:rotten: Rotten. My Grade: C

Generally, when the number 2 is stuck in front of a classic title, the movie will only be half as good as its original. Barbershop 2 is only 3/4 as good as the original, and the only thing that really keeps it afloat is the characters and their unique personalities that are portrayed in both films equally. But in the story department: The originality of the plotline is ZILCH. I cannot count how many times we have seen this plot come up, not to mention that it is just recycled and altered slightly from the original Barbershop's plotline.

The entire movie gave a sort of monotone impression. Allow me to explain. Throughout the entire film, I did not laugh, I did not feel any tweek of sadness at the times nessasary, and I did not feel any emotion while watching this film. And I would think that that would not make the film-makers happy. In the first one, when the thought of Calvin losing the shop was still original and fresh, yes, there was emotion. But the second film was like rereading an average book for the second time against your will. You hardly cared to begin with, but seeing the same scenario over again leaves you with no emotion.

I will give Barbershop 2 some credit, though, it was not the worst sequel. No no. It was actually quite all right for a sequel, but in all fairness to the rest of the movies I've hounded, I cannot dub this film FRESH. It is only mediocre. Thank you and good night.

-The Masked Banana
better than the first
Not as good as the first.
This movie is a great family film for teenagers and up. I really enjoyed this second part. Ice Cub is becoming a well writer and actor as he porgresses over the years. Part one had the story and the setting. This one has the fun and problems which tops everything off because we get to see al the crazy characters again. The acting is above average but not great and the cast has a great chemistry together.

The only thing i did not like was the whole Cedric past. Some of it was ok but some was a little boring which made the movie drag for a little bit, but the movie picked up its pace.

Over alla great film and one to add to my collection. Who should see it fans of part 1 and Ice Cube. (B)
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