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Thats the only decent part of the movie, anyway. 15 minutes of steamy Jane Fonda sci-fi striptease, and then nearly an hour of random nonsense.
I once read that Jane Fonda said that starring in this movie was the worst thing she ever did. And the first 15 minutes was the most embarrassing scene she has ever done. And she said she is humiliated every time she knows the film is being shown. So as a Army Vet. 1969-1972 I do my part and watch the first 15 minutes calling her every filthy name I can think of before turning it off.

Jane Fonda, in full space nympho mode, stars in this cult classic that defines camp. There are a lot of gaudy set pieces and super-psychadelic imagery, but it's really only funny when it isn't attempting to be (at least, I think). Best scene: Fonda is attacked by carniverous parakeets.
A rather fun and campy diversion. It's fascinating in an odd sort of way. I have a hard time imagining Jane Fonda opting for a role like this. It is most certainly a unique film and can't think of any film quite like it. It doesn't always work, but fun anyway.
Barbarella is a victim of the decade it was produced: shag carpets, hairy men, drug-induced events, free love, political undertone, and unusual characters. By unusual characters, I am talking about the mindless people who live outside the city and those that live inside the city, the children with the living dolls, and the winged man who becomes Barbarella's friend and lover. Although this is a science fiction film, it goes as far as to exploring sexuality and innocence. In fact, this film is a little bit odd. I found it to be more slow-moving than enjoyable. I suppose it has a cult-following, which usually means that the film is different and probably will not be enjoyed by many.
Jane Fonda plays Barbarella, a space-age heroine in the year 40,000 A.D. who is requested by the President of Earth to bring back scientist Durand Durand (Milo O'Shea), who is a threat to universal peace. After crashing on the suspected planet where Durand is in hiding, Barbarella gets into all sorts of strange situations that often result with her stripping down and making a few men happy... if you know what I mean! Barbarella is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen, but certainly one of the most enjoyable to watch.

There is a level of absurdity in Barbarella much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, just not nearly as classic. Not once in Roger Vadim's film, which is based on a popular comic of the same name, did I ever think the film was supposed to be taken seriously. I can see that there are going to be a lot of people out there who will hate this film... currently the user rating for the film is a low rotten score. But I think that if you can look past the lack of seriousness, you can come to appreciate the campy fun this film has to offer.

The movie's strength is with its leading lady, Jane Fonda. For her time, she was a pretty sexy woman, and this movie... though in a raunchy manner... displays her sexual appeal. But that isn't the only thing that she has going for her. Her performance is charming, and she manages to deliver a lot of funny moments. All in all, I just ended up loving Fonda in this movie.

There are a lot of memorable moments in the film. Things like the torture machine that makes women orgasm to death sticks out as one of the most audacious moments in the film. But the stand out moment, and another entry into my Music Honors category is the opening theme of the movie. It is played along with Jane Fonda doing a zero gravity strip. And all though you can tell it is fake, it still looks cool. Check it out!

It was just kinda meh. The story wasn't one of Stephen King's best to begin with, and the acting is mostly bad here. Not the worst King movie I've seen, but no where near good.

Raising Arizona
I liked it, but didn't love it. Had a few really funny parts and was an overall compelling story with enough quirkiness to keep me interested.

The Fugitive
I thought it was great. I loved Tommy Lee Jones' character in it. The loud mouthed sarcastic hardass cop with a good heart is always a good thing to see in a movie. Another thing that's great to see is a movie with no computer effects. Practical effects are great. So yeah, great movie. Deserving of it's fame.

The Squid and the Whale
I was pretty disappointed. So yeah this is supposedly based on the real life experiences of the screenwriter. If that's true though, why do the characters seem so unrealistic? It's the same kind of random for the sake of being random movie as Garden State and Little Miss Sunshine, both of which I loved, but the difference between those and this is that those had likable characters. I could not sympathize with any of the main characters. They're a bunch of assholes, every one of them. There's a couple of nice background characters: Lili, Ivan, Sophie, but they are overshadowed by this horrible family. I hated each and every one of them. It's an okay movie I guess, but I didn't enjoy it and I wouldn't watch it again.

Kind of a strange mix between Heavy Metal and Austin Powers. Very 60's. It was sort of fun, but a little too silly and boring to my tastes.

Barbarella is an agent from Earth who works in outer space. When Earth discovers a planet that seems to be creating weapons, Barbarella is sent to talk to investigate the monarch and to ask them to cease creating weapons. She is also asked to investigate what happened to the previous agent who was sent onto this ruthless planet. Barbarella must overcome this planet's customs to succeed in her mission.

"Do you want to come play with me? For someone like you, I'd charge nothing."

Roger Vadim, director of Dangerous Liaisons (1960), Ms. Don Juan, A Faithful Woman, and Safari, delivers Barbarella.The storyline for this picture is absurd despite being presented well. The science fiction elements of this film are innovative and intriguing.Jane Fonda was perfectly cast for the lead role, and John Phillip Law was wonderful as Pygar.

"Angels do not make love. An angel is love."
"Then you are a dead duck."

The opening credits, the tongue box technology, the two little girls attacking Barbarella, the two girls sled that was lead by the stingray, the killer dolls, the slaves within the rocks, Pygar shooting the black guards, the mini-missile projector, the shoot-out during the flying sequence, the bird torture sequence, and the Earth sex sequence with the pill were amongst the better portions of the pill.

"A life without cause is a life without effect."

Barbarella is a bad movie; however, it contains elements of surprisingly good quality for the time frame in which it was released. Does this film exploit sex? On some levels, but it teeters on the fence of being an actual movie. There are some films of this genre worth watching. This is worth watching for those who enjoy the sci-fi genre. This may not be as bad as you anticipate.

"What kind of girl are you? Have you no shame?"

Grade: C
Definately worth a look to all who enjoy strange cult movies. Sexy Jane Fonda portrays Barbarella, a character adapted from a French comic strip. A movie to put at the top of your cult classic collection. I loved it. 4.5/5
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