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Barb Wire (1996) Pamela Anderson Lee, Temuera Morrison, Victoria Rowell, Jack Noseworthy, Steve Railsback, D: David Hogan. In the year 2017, "the free city" Steel Harbor, an independent island full of chaos and crime that's the only neutral place in America, starts the second civil war as bounty hunter and club owner Lee helps her past lover get his doctor wife to Canada to help the rebellion. Tacky adaptation of the Dark Horse comic character, created by Chris Warner, and seemingly taken from CASABLANCA gives TV's BAYWATCH's Lee a gaudy showcase, but it's more of an excuse to flash off her body, especially in a pointless, music video-style seven minute intro with her body getting a spray down. This comic book character isn't much of a heroine, considering her character never takes sides, but maybe Lee could work as a sixteen-year-old boy's luscious fantasy. Running Time: 90 minutes and rated R for language, violence, and nudity. *
The Last Horror Movie - Quirky low budget film...but gets the job done. No real scares, more like an American Psycho/Funny Games kind of horror film, but I recommend you check it out. But avoid the making of...those Brits sure can be pompous asses when they want to.

Six String Samurai - Now this flick was a lot of fun. Weird...kinda Road Warrior meets Kill Bill meets The Wizard of Oz. Shot on a smaller budget as well, but you can see how done correctly, they made full use of what they had.

Barb Wire - Why did I buy this? Oh yeah, it was cheap. Why the two out of ten? Well, there's a left reason, and a right reason. That is all.

Go - I liked this much more the second time around. Still think it could have been edited down a bit, and nothing would have been lost. Love the music video feel though. When they bust into Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet ride...oh man...wooooo-hooooo!

Sorry I ain't been around lately folks. Our town has gotten hit with a massive ice storm, and power has been out for almost two weeks. And with work, family holiday stuff, and girlfriend, I've been busy. Unfortunately, they are predicting another ice snow storm for tonight, so it may be a repeat of a few weeks ago...and this one is supposed to be bigger than the last. Fun, fun. Welcome to Ohio winter...45 and raining last three days, and tomorrow its supposed to be ice and sleet and snow and freezing rain for the next four days.

Break out the generator, my ass needs to watch some movies.
:rotten: 0.50/10
ANOTHER bloody movie PS had us looking at...

I guess we'll have to let him jerk off for five hours today, so we can stop this torture.

She's the poster child for cosmetic surgeons, and once you see Pam A Lee's altered tits bounce up and down once you have seen it all in this film.

In fact, it would seem the famous mounds wrote the screenplay.

Ugh. Next, PLEASE!
She doesn't even get naked enough here. Which is what the only reason in watching this movie. The plot, acting, characters, dialogue were all atrocious.
Though I have to admit that some of the shootouts were somewhat decent, but that in no way can make up for all the stupidity that flies throughout this movie. I didn't even give a damn about the plot either. Something about the U.S in a Civil War in 2017, and a device that can stop that and give her brother his vision back. Pretty trippy, eh?
Network is a terrificly directed, written and acted film that works both as a dark satirical piece, and a heated drama.

Despite Pamala Anderson being hot, Barb Wire still is a sack of shit.
Light is defined by darkness.

Without the proverbial bad movies, we cannot appreciate the brilliance of a tautly constructed pacing, the subliminal and nuanced acting or those little sparks of directorial genuis. It takes cheesily lame lines, plots with holes so big you could drive a mustang through and flatly one diemensional acting for one to appreciate the beauty of a good film.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

For the sake of mankind, lets hope Pamela Anderson never ever makes another movie. Besides a convoluted, and frankly crappy plot involving contact lenses, the film bores the hell outta me.

Not even Anderson's cleavage baring antics could distract one from the fact that the plot is inconsequential and that acting is downright bad. The supporting cast, made up of unknowns barely make an impact. The set pieces and mise en scenes are an utter disgrace for a film supposedly set in 2017. I mean, Barb Wire is a 1996 film, yet the set design is something that befits a TV production. In comparison, Terry Gilliam's 1985 sci-fi masterpiece Brazil boasts of far more imaginative set design that the obviously lax standards of Barb Wire.

And don't get me started on the cliche ridden and amateurishly bad dialogue.

Barb Wire is so bad, i could not even finish the whole film. An example of lazy filmmaking that obviously seeks to capitalise on its female lead, an actress who frankly speaking isn't even halfway decent.

Hell no, it's not a good film, but it's not a bad film, either. Did I just say that? A bad film for me is unwatchable on cable TV. Not worth my time, change the channel. I didn't change the channel. OK, I'm a guy, so I can't attribute that to it being not a bad film. But it certainly doesn't hurt that this was based on Casablanca to prop up its plot, and there aren't any major plot cleavages. OK, maybe one, but it was tolerable.

I have nothing against Pamela Andersen Lee, so I think she held her own perfectly fine. She certainly doesn't embarass herself. She's not like Ashlee Simpson as a singer. She didn't have a career in films written in her stars, but put her in just the right vehicle and I'll give the film a nominal fresh rating.
21st century. USA. The second civil war. The whole country is in a state of emergency. What was formerly called the American Congress now rules with fascistic methods. There is only one free city left, Steel Harbor, headquarter for the resistance. This is the hometown of Barb Wire, owner of the night club Hammerhead. As times aren't good, Barb has a second job. She's a bounty hunter and you probably wouldn't want her after you. Barb's credo is to never take sides for anybody and that's the only way to survive these days. As her former lover Axel Hood appears asking for a favor, Barb suddenly finds herself to be key player on high political stage. Now she has to take sides.

I really didn't want to watch this film. I thought it would be all sex and nudity but I gave it a try and I was surprised. I actually liked it! First, without the bashing, let me give you some reasons: Barb Wire is a unique, kick ass character. I loved her! The one liners are extremely cheesy that it makes you smile. And this picture has a lot of work put into it like any other great film ever made.

I like the whole look of the film. It's (obviously) exotic for the hormone raging male teenagers to love and the apocalyptic look is very good and realistic. You got to give these guys some credit. The action sequences were surprisingly decent, although there aren't many in this film as I thought there will be.

The character Pamela Anderson makes out is fantastic, but at the same time, it's kind of dull. Temuera Morrison gives a good performance as well as Victoria Rowell. I like that the last 15 minutes of the film has non-stop action. I love the explosions and fighting sequences.

Maybe the reason I like the film is that this film knows it is being bad, but it has a fun time with it. Yes, there are gaping plot holes and it's preposterous but it doesn't matter. I really didn't care.

Of course, this isn't going to be a very good film but it isn't a bad one either. It's surprisingly satisfying and the lines are cheesy that it puts a smile to your face. If you would like to watch a film with some good action sequences and a lot of exotic scenes (including nudity), you'll like this film. Even hormone-raging male teens will like this.
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