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Bad Boys II 2003

Two loose-cannon narcotics cops investigate the flow of Ecstacy into Florida...

Release Date:
July 18, 2003
147 min
Michael Bay
Jay Rasumny, Timothy Adams, Greg Wayne Elam, ...
Thriller, Comedy, Crime, ...

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 6.5

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Bad Boys II 0/10

This is the worst movie of the year. I do not know if there will be anything that will come close to matching it. This movie was loud, LONG, stupid, and offensive. I don't know how anyone could consider this entertainment.
This movie was okay the car chaces were pretty stupid at times. But over all it was a fun movie.
This is an interesting movie to say the least. The story is allright, but the violence is taken way to far! It is funny at times, but the overall mood is not that great. The actors are great, but again they can not carry the movie. The repetitiveness of the movie is what kills it. Funny but not quiet enough to pass... 4 out of 10...
"Bad Boys II" is style without any aesthetic purpose. The script is barely coherent, and exists soley for our charicatures to, well, be completely humorless. What was the whole deal with the quasi-invasion of Cuba? Makes no sense. Best not to think about it too much. It's a must-not-see.

well i watched Bad Boys II. it was ok. the action never stopped. actually it got absurd. as well as the violence. there were some funny parts. but if you want a movie to be funny you cant make it as graphic as they made it. but when Martin Lawrence gets drugged, and when Smith, and Lawrence have a conversation thats telecasts made me laugh. anyway its worth a rent for its relentless, good sometimes, bad sometimes action. and for its lead characters.

i give Bad Boys II, a 5 out of 10
This film is action packed (though only containing about 3 or 4 chase scenes) the action scenes are long and filled with on the edge of your seat action. The film fails in relying to much on the comedy of Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Joe Pantoliano. Thought they are funny in action sequences outside that Will and Martin seem to lack the comedic timing they had in the first one. Joe is what makes the comedy work outside action sequences with his worried attitude and his use of his new Theropy class teachings. The biggest problem with this film is the entire final action sequence is set up very corny and seems a little bit to unreal for some people.

.....and it is Bad Boys II.

I never saw the first Bad Boys and never will, but I expected this movie to be stupid, unfunny and idiotic, which isn't a surprise since it's coming from the Dynamic Duo, Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer (who recently tortured the world and me with Pearl Harbor and Armageddon), but I never expected the movie to be a plethora of vulgarness, gay-bashing jokes and twice as much destruction in most action movies.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are back than ever with their dumb jokes and bad attitudes as narcotics detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry. Before I get to the dumb plot, I'll get to the dumber sub-plot first just to get it out of the way. There is a love story in the movie that no one can care about with Lowry (Smith) and Marcus's (Lawrence) sister Syd, played by Gabrielle Union. Lowry wants to tell Burnett that he and Syd are dating, but he's too nervous too. Whatever. The sub-plot is just as uninteresting as watching paint dry.

Now to the vulgar main plot. And by vulgar, I'm talking super vulgar. A drug smuggler, played by Jordi Moll
A hundred times better than I was expecting. Some incredible action sequencesand seeing Lawrence and Smith go at each other was really funny.
I can see why others wouldn't like it. And I'm not calling it a guilty pleasure, 'cause that's just a very elitist way of saying "I liked it but I am not going to admit it".
But yeh, I loved it. Peter Stormare was great as well.

This movie got old real fast. But what do you get when Michael Bay is the director. The explosions and such were nice in the beginning, but after about the first hour or so, they got old. Nothing new here. It's Michael Bay and all you gonna get is CGI and fancy camera work.

** /4 or 5 /10
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