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One of the greatest trilogies ever made. Ill love these films till I die.
I really wished part 4 would have been made!
And a bit sad too. No more Marty Mcfly
Not a bad ending to the trilogy
Back to the Future 12/02/04

Great that they made the trilogy into a complete sequence of events. The only problem is if you've not seen one you'll be a bit lost (but that's your own fault for missing out on such great films). Has a nice innocent feel to it, which is helped by the leading actors. A must for everyone, particularly if you enjoy time travel paradoxes. They've done a pretty good job on the DVDs. The extras are varied and plentiful, and the re-mastering in amazing, particularly Part III's audio. And the artwork looks better on the Region 2 set
Films: 9/10
Video: 9/10
Audio: 9/10
Extras: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
The Back to the Future trilogy is so much fun. Granted, they all have similar plots and such, but I really love Marty and Dr. Emmitt Brown so much. Christopher Lloyd was spectacular as Doc, and Michael J. Fox is so good. The last movie was the everything is neatly wrapped up and we can see where the characters will go from there.

Back to th Future 2 was the first movie I went to see by myself at a theater...I was 13 I guess and loved it so much. At the end of the credits, they showed a trailer for Part Three...and I couldn't wait for it.

Incidentially, Parts 2 and 3 were filmed at the same time. Why all the ramblings when Peter Jackson or the Matrix was done the same way...ten years later?

Marty has just saved history by stopping Biff Tannen from becoming a rich and powerful man in the future, but at the expense of Doctor Emmett L. Brown getting sent back seventy years in the past to the only person that can help Marty is the native Doc Brown of 1955.

This movie sure had a lot of people mad and confused. A western people thought. In my opinion, this movie is NOT A WESTERN GODDAMNIT

It's a sci-fi movie. Yes, it takes place in the old west, but it's sci-fi elements and story make it a sci-fi movie. Yeah there's horses, gunslingers, and a good old fashioned western hodown, but please people, understand that this movie is NOT a Western movie.

There are two roles in this movie that really impress me a lot:

Of course, Thomas Wilson who plays Biff Tannen always impresses me, but here he plays Biff's great great grandfather, Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen, who has a very bad tendancy to drool when he gets mad...hence the name 'Mad Dog'. This guy is where all of the comedy is at, imo.

The second important role that impress me is Mary Steenburgen's role as Clara Clayton. Yeah, she's a little sappy and squeaky throughout the movie, but for a Sci-Fi movie, her character was well welcomed.

Now, there are a few things that I really don't care for the movie, is mainly some of the timeline issues. Okay, don't you think Doc would remember sending Marty back to 1885? He remembered the letter that Marty wrote for him in Part I, which saved his life, but he can't remember sending Marty back in time? Remember, the Doc in 1885 is the one from 1985, so anything that happened in 1955 would be remembered, right? That's my beef.

I give this movie 8/10, which is Freshx2, which basically means, yes, watch it. Watch it or I shall kill you. If you don't watch it, I will shove a plunger so far up your ass, you'll be having to have a tube stuck up it to use the bathroom for the rest of your life.

Have a nice day :)
fun western movie, with futuristic touches through this fun trip, slipped a little, but ended the triology with a train.
Now that I am sitting around with nothing to do I figured I would go ahead and review one of my all-time favorite series.

Back to the Future 1:
This film is obviously the best out of the whole trilogy of films, its the most exciting and the one with the best story to push it along. It is also very funny when it wants to be but it also manages to be serious when it needs to be. It isn't perfect with a few scenes that make you wonder their exsistance. All in all if you haven't seen this movie get out and get it now because it is one of my treasured classics.

Back to the Future 2:
This movie seemed to me to lack the spunk and originality of the first film. It also seems to be more action filled and a lot less story driven than the others. I really did like the whole going into the future idea but I think this movie played more to the children audience than the other films. I do love this movies comic style and sense of feeling but as a whole the original is better.

Back to the Future 3:
Now as a kid this was my least favorite of the whole series but now it's probably a close second. I see now that this movie was smarter than the 2nd and it decided to play towards more adult humor and have a good story line playing right off the 2nd installment. I like the jokes in this movie more because they are more subliminal jokes and not very obvious at first sight. This movie is fun, exciting, and does the original movie good.
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