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i am in 2015 too please help me to get back in time :P
In this movie, I imagined the future to be like that! Nike shoes that can do themselves up and a portable self-dryer. What a Classic
Same with the flying cars or the sequels to Jaws
Surely by now those flying skatebords have gotta be in pre production, ive been waiting years.
what an amazing movie an all time classic.

"Great flick, Great flick" to quote Biff. I love this move. They manage to combine the future, past and present. The plot can be confusing the first time around but they still do a brilliant job of explaining it. It has tons of humour and the special effects are phenomenal and still look great.
Didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first, yet I still found it quite entertaining. For me it kind of dragged a bit towards the end. It was interesting too see how non-futuristic the future looked like. The idea's were futuristic, but it was still so painfully 80's.

Back To The Future Part II, The best of the Trilogy in every way. Of Course alot of people may disagree with me but I think so. And I probably dont have to explain the story cause im sure everybody has seen the dam film so I will skip it. Anyway Part II is in ways the dark chapter of the trilogy much like Empire was for Star Wars and it has the coolest moments with a Cliffhanger ending to boot which is a great cliffhanger in my opinion. And it gives Biff a moment in the spotlight with Marty going thru time to stop his plans for a dark future in Hill Valley of 1985. But anyway to sum this up Part II is the best of the trilogy. Part III was ok and Part I didnt really phase me but this was great in every way. And it teaches us a lesson not to screw with the past cause it might screw up the future but you never know. Back To The Future Part II is the best of the 3 and will always be, and it has the best moments....period.

Reviewed By: Movie Boy
Back to the Future 12/02/04

Great that they made the trilogy into a complete sequence of events. The only problem is if you've not seen one you'll be a bit lost (but that's your own fault for missing out on such great films). Has a nice innocent feel to it, which is helped by the leading actors. A must for everyone, particularly if you enjoy time travel paradoxes. They've done a pretty good job on the DVDs. The extras are varied and plentiful, and the re-mastering in amazing, particularly Part III's audio. And the artwork looks better on the Region 2 set
Films: 9/10
Video: 9/10
Audio: 9/10
Extras: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
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