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I can't hardly believe it has been 30 years already. A blockbuster in the day and can still hold its own today!
30 years ago, today, this classic was released. A great movie then and a great movie still to this day. Man, I had fun times back then as a teen.
One of the greatest movies of the 80's and is and will always be a classic.
what a movies true classics
freakin awesome!

im into 19th century movies god bless!
@JCPL23 it's just
I would to but it wouldn't be the same if they didn't have Micheal J. Fox.

Your kidding me? When I have kids, this is going to be the first 3 movies they are going to lay their eyes on! I grow up watching these movies and so will my future kids. lol
really wish they would do a part 4
A remake/reboot or sequel won't be as good as the original one
A classic movie and one I'll never tire of watching.
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