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Babylon A.D. 2008

Veteran-turned-mercenary Toorop takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to America. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah...

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This was an interesting movie...Not the best I've seen but it has it's moments.
Did not understand ending at all until I searched. That is not a good thing. However I keep seeing the 90 min blows and there is an uncut version at 160 mins which is almost 2x time so I bet it explains more. For now I liked the action and different spots of travel so I give a 6.5/10 for now and will update after the uncut.

it was not great but still resly good

I would think it's a plus if you have no knowledge of the book "Babylon Babies" which this movie is based off of. The book really dealt with this future world being so fractured and the end of humanity as we know it now. Man has become too integrated with technology. Society has become a cesspool from which this disease they call man lives in. The only hope is a single mysterious woman. She is man's attempt to stray from this path they have gone down and change their fate. To recreate the masterpiece as it originally was. There was just something lost in translation here. The movie changed some minor things like the girl's name, the year it takes place and other backstory issues. Not a big deal. They just seemed to not really deal with the issues of cloning, cybernetics and society in general as the book portrayed. Vin Diesel's Toorop is still a badass who has to escort the future of humanity to North America. They got the gist of it done correctly for the most part. There was some good action along the way and the effects weren't half bad either. They did do a great job with trying to recreate the look of this near future world. You should enjoy this movie for what it is but I would suggest that you go read yourself a decent translated version of the book. If you can read French, I'd opt for reading the original version. As I said earlier, something always seems to get lost in translation.
I like this movie more than I like taffy. And I'm a man who enjoys his taffy.
This friday Disaster movie may not be the only disaster in the box office. This Blade Runner wanabe is one of Diesel's worst films. Kassovitz film Babylon A.D. based on the book Babylon Babies is a plotty mess with boring action sequences and below mediocre acting. In this film the guns are left in the trunk and the talking and walking begin. But dont be sad next summer there is Fast and Furious and more Riddick.

Having gone into this movie with no knowledge of the book may have helped sway me- On which note, I would like to say that a movie is not automatically bad if it is different than the novel it is based on. Every part of this movie I saw, I liked- Although with all the negative buzz, I found myself wondering whether or not I should have. With that being said, I would be very interested to see the director's cut of this film if it is released. I'm sure there is a lot that was trying to be said which Fox had cut. If you plan to see this one, wait for the extended Blu-Ray.
Infallible though I may be (and indeed, am), I'm not always the best candidate for writing the reviews. I don't really care enough to go on about Babylon A.D. - other than to mention in passing that I was a Vin Diesel virgin when I went in, and that he was gentle yet considerate with me. Now I notice that it has got very poor reviews, which is interesting because it's not bad. Now, the other reason I want to hand the reigns over to someone else is because I keep having to defend films on the grounds that they "aren't that bad". I don't do reviews to stick up for lesser films like The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Crystal Skull. I do them to praise the good stuff and slam the bad. I'm too tired for the middle ground. This doesn't mean anything to me. I can take it or leave it.

So clearly this isn't the job for me. But I have this...friend. I now turn you over to Captain Sponsche, Defender of Mediocrity!

"Hello. I'm the Captain. Oh yes.

Babylon A.D. has things that explode. Vin Diesel says "mack ack ack ack ack" a lot and there's a girl but you don't see her boobies. Big explosions. Think there's a message. Can't remember what it was. Boom. Bang bang. "Mack ack ack ack". No boobs.

Oh yes. I'm the Captain. 'Bye."

Yes, I know. He's not really much good with words. But he likes this kind of thing, and he's willing to share that with you, and in the end, isn't that what really matters?

I love future dystopia flics, but this is just a mess.
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