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all those random trolly anonymous comment the movie is good.
This is better then Boyz In The Hood if you ask me.
Singleton has a great idea about a black man who still acts like a kid and needs to grow up and act like a man. But Singleton, like his other films, gets to preachy and repetitive. Not as bad as the awful Higher Learning, but no where near Boyz in the Hood.

loves it
Abrasive and irritating, unpleasant and frequently nasty. I found no enjoyment watching a bunch of trashy low life losers argue and beat on each other.
following on from the underperforming higher learning was always going to be a hard task. but managing to create an interesting story which bears resemblance to boys in the hood was always going to strike a cord with the audience.
not the best film but much better then alot of the films in the genre. the story is very preachy and goes of the rails towards the end.
confronting and harsh at times this is a great return to form from john singleton.
*** (out of four)

A surprisingly deep and jarring look at what it means to be a grown-up in South Central L.A. Director John Singleton returns to the familiar ground and again manages to create a story about coming-of-age while surrounded by harsh realities.

Tyrese Gibson is Jody, a 20 year old man whose future doesn't look so good. He has no job, no education. He's the father of two children by two different women. He learns the hard lessons of life quickly.
great movie, how can I find the sound track to the movie? Marvin Gaye
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