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gordy 1995

The supporting cast is pretty good, Bloom is as bland as ever.

The pig in Babe is a better actor than Orlando Bloom.
Seriously Bloom, you suck.
Babe (1995): 6/10

Babe, viewed 02-02-04: Certainly entertaining for children (although I didn't watch it in the presence of any), and clever enough to be appreciated by adults.

Julia: 5 (Jonas: 3)
Somehow, a little movie about a piglet topped the movie charts and sent a crazy wave of fandom throughout the general population for a few months in the mid-1990s. I ask: 'why did people love this film?' I am not sure about the answer, but it must have something to do with a 'cute' baby animal. I, on the other hand, did not understand the popularity of this movie. I still don't. The movie was so dull and bad that I could not even watch the whole thing. Scenes changed too quickly, and I found the general experience to be very dull and frustrating. (I can honestly say that this is the only film I've ever walked out on.) Besides remembering how frustrating the constant scene changes and characters made me, the only other thing I remember about this film is during one of these infamous scene changes, there were some ducks out on the pond being naughty, if you know what I mean. Choosing between a roll in the mud and watching this film again, I'd choose the former.
A lonely pig is tenacious to become a sheep dog.
Where: DVD
Genres: Childrens, Live-Action, Adventure, Childrens, Comedy, Classic, Fantasy, Live-Action, Personal Triumph, Animals, Animal Heroes, Recommended, Bucolic, Family Film, Theatrical Release, Essential Cinema

One line review: I managed to stay awake this time.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to watch Babe a few times. Everyone always says so many good things about it, but I never quite make it past the opening credits. This time I made it all the way through, and I must say that I’m suitably impressed. The film has a very dark undercurrent (that the cute, loveable main characters are just there to be eaten) that must capture children’s imaginations. Stories are so much better when they’re a little bit scary.

The film went quite well for me until it got a bad case of deus ex machima towards the end. I always hate when they can’t properly resolve things so they have to make something up with no foreshadowing. Ugh.

Ten years later the animatronics don’t really hold up to what is possible, but it’s nice to see that the use of computer animation was subtle and not as bad as it could have been in that time period that could have made the film completely dated.

TomatoMeter: 94% People: 93% Average: 93%

Star James Cromwell (The Snow Walker - 83%, RKO 281 - The Battle Over "Citizen Kane" - 92%)
Star Magda Szubanski
Director Chris Noonan
Screenwriter George Miller (Lorenzo's Oil - 86%, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - 83%, The Road Warrior - 100%, Mad Max - 100%)

Oscar Best Effects, Visual Effects: Scott E. Anderson
Golden Globe :

Who doesn't love Babe? This charming story about a little pig trying to find his place in the world will excite and delight viewers of all ages.I thought I would hate this movie,but Chris Noonan has done an amazing job-it's wonderful!
Everything about is perfect. Great storyline and cute animals. Special effects are great for the 90s. A great family movie.
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