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Avatar 2009

A Paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home...

Release Date:
December 18, 2009
162 min
James Cameron
Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, ...
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, ...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 7.9

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colors and special effects are fantastic. BUT movie is predictable and at least a 1/2 hour too long. Way too hard on the human race with political undertones.
i love this movie, by far the best movie ever made!!!!!!!! i love all the actors , everything was just outstanding in this film!!!!!!!!
There is no way to give this movie no stars or 1/4 of a star so I give it one. This movie sucked so bad. It was predictable and too long. See it if there was absolutly nothing else to see at all. Worst movie EVER!!!!!!
i loved this movie best ive seen in a long time, could watch over and over.
The best Movie I have seen yet. I took my wife and daughter and they do not fancy these movies usually, But they loved it as much as I DID.WE ALSO WENT AND SEEN DEAR JOHN AND I GOTTA SAY, IT WAS OK BUT IT WAS NOT NEARLY AS GOOD AS AVATAR. % STARS FOR AVATAR
best movie since Apocalypse now
one of my favorites. awesome.
Special effects and 3d were very well done, but the story was very predictable. If you are going to see it - do so in a won't be as good on dvd.
It is a beautiful love story and a beautiful story of people fighting for their right to exist. Then the special effects are simply out of this world. Superb movie.
Bonjour les USA J'ai jamais vu un aussi beau film en France depuis Titanic ! Avatar ,ou qui se cache au fond de nous .... Val FRANCE
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