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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997

A 1960s hipster secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to oppose his greatest enemy in the 1990s, where his social attitudes are glaringly out of place...

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Back when I first started writing reviews in 1996-ish, I didn't take them very seriously. It was only after I actually got a job as a reviewer that I started writing some halfway sounding professional ones.

So, this being one of my first reviews, it's short and it's bad. Amazingly, it's a negative review for a movie I like now. Go figure.


Austin Powers is the kind of movie that takes a joke and rams it down your throat for two hours. I swear, if I hear Mike Myers yell, "Yeah, baby!" one more time, I think I'm going to go on a four block killing spree.
Austin Powers is a funny movie sometimes... mind you, I said sometimes. Myers plays a British secret agent who's been frozen for thirty years so he can ultimately defeat "Dr. Evil" who has also frozen himself.

The biggest problem I had with this movie is that it threw a few jokes at you every few minutes and about half of them bombed. The strength of this movie in in Dr. Evil and not Austin Powers. If only the movie would have been more about him, THEN it would have been REALLY funny.
I love Mike Myers as Austin Powers, Dr. Evil,etc...The beginning of this trilogy is hilarious. People still to this day say "One million dollars" just like Dr. Evil with his pinky upraised...Too bad Mustafa's only in this one and the spy who shagged me; I love Will Farrell.
When this first came out, I loved it. I was like everyone else...I said the lines, I acted like Dr. Evil. But after repeated loses all flavor. There are still some scenes I when Powers and Tom Arnold are in the bathroom:
Powers: "Who does Number Two work for?!"
Arnold: "That's right buddy, give that turd hell!"

I still laugh at that...but overall I just think it loses a lot of flavor after all these years.
This was one heck of a stupid movie, but I've got to say... so funny. Plus, it truly revolutionized my love-life, giving me many new great lines!
Nothing spectacular.
Crass yet hillarious. This one is the funniest out of all 3.
All Done
Comments pending.
I love Austin Powers. Let's be clear about that. The "Austin Powers" movies are just a franchise that you either like or you don't. I do. In my review of "Dr. No", I wrote, "I love James Bond. The character is the last holdover of a much more politically incorrect time, and I hope he stays the same womanizing killer he's always been." Austin Powers is who James Bond would have been had the post-Cold War, politically correct world made the character change. The jokes are stupid, gross, silly, and smart. There's even a little satire. Few movies are as much fun to watch. Making this movie was obviously a joy, and that joy infects the viewer. Director Jay Roach is expert at knowing how to film a particular scene in order to parody a specific style. Writer/Star Mike Myers is one of the funniest people alive right now, and his portrayal of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil is proof enough for me. I envy the very funny supporting cast - Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Robert Wagner, Mindy Sterling, and Seth Green among many others - the good time they must be having. This movie makes me laugh. A lot. And that's what makes it work for me. As for those who don't believe this is a great comedy, that's fine. They just don't understand the secret to enjoying it. You see, it's not just a parody of the good James Bond movies, it's a parody of the bad ones, too.

(JAY ROACH, 1997)
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