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interesting little horror sci-fi...could have been worse, kept it moving but never understood the creatures. Plus only the kids were worried about the creatures...weird movie, potnetial plot and storyline on a higher budget.
I wasn't sure who I wanted to root for... the vulgar, adolescent hoodlums, or the aliens. After watching this movie once, I doubt I'll be watching it again.
Very much worth a watch. And the star is the star of the new JJ Abrams Star Wars, so get used to seeing his face a lot.
Honestly it's much better then I expected after watching the trailer ^^ pretty cool movie worth the watch ; )
not bad enjoyable!
I pretty much despised all of the kids. Bunch of violent idiots, so I couldn't quite dig the movie as much as I would have if they weren't so annoying.
Despite only understanding about half (if that) of what the kids were saying I felt this was a very good alien invasion film. Lots of good gore yet not too much gore and lots of laughs. Very enjoyable movie.
@pumpkinheadt What link did you get to work? Sockshare/pulocker got removed and played.to won't load either. Filenuke always has some virus's but I'll give it a try
Really funny British film about a group of young thugs who band together to fight off an Alien invasion of their street. Like Men in Black meets Shawn of the Dead. 9/10
this was a cool british funny. 7/10 bc it has to ironic that they know you.
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