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I thought this would be a pretty cheesy flick. And, while it had its moments, I got into it. Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon
@DarwinsMyth @ToasterPop agree with you 100%. Stopped my PC and did other things then came back to the movie a couple of times until I finished it. Time I will never get back. I gotta be able to root for the good guy, or the bad guy if he's like Anthony Hopkins. If these kids were on my street, the next guy coming up to them would be the coroner.
Good flick!
interesting little horror sci-fi...could have been worse, kept it moving but never understood the creatures. Plus only the kids were worried about the creatures...weird movie, potnetial plot and storyline on a higher budget.
I wasn't sure who I wanted to root for... the vulgar, adolescent hoodlums, or the aliens. After watching this movie once, I doubt I'll be watching it again.
Very much worth a watch. And the star is the star of the new JJ Abrams Star Wars, so get used to seeing his face a lot.
Honestly it's much better then I expected after watching the trailer ^^ pretty cool movie worth the watch ; )
not bad enjoyable!
I pretty much despised all of the kids. Bunch of violent idiots, so I couldn't quite dig the movie as much as I would have if they weren't so annoying.
Despite only understanding about half (if that) of what the kids were saying I felt this was a very good alien invasion film. Lots of good gore yet not too much gore and lots of laughs. Very enjoyable movie.
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