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Astro Boy 2009

When an android replica of a boy is rejected by his aggrieved creator, he goes off to find his own identity in an adventure that would make him his time's greatest hero...

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Solar rating:8.2


Imdb rating:6.4

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Pretty good, although i felt that it went very fast paced, not too much slow parts. Wish it was longer.
I love this film so much, never got so emotional over an animation film, lol. 10/10
who new a very old animation film can improve !good job!but i think they should make a little perspective out of the new
Not great!
The movie itself seemed to be decent. It had a great story to fall back on, great animation, great ideas... but, I believe that it ended too quickly. There was not enough meat in the middle of the story, it seemed that emotions and background developed out of no where. He just suddenly loved all of these kids and people after staying there over a short period of time. No, I do not believe so. Good flick, but needed more information and background.
All the kids in the theater love it! The story is surprisingly good and well-paced. I can't believe I didn't hear about this movie until we were at the theater for Where the Wild Things Are, which was good but the kids clearly enjoyed Astro Boy more immersively. This movie has lots of exciting action sequences and enough touching moments to keep kids glued to their seats. I think there will many Astro Boy on the street this Halloween!
Astro Boy
Initial reaction: And his friend, Galaxy Girl.

Main Characters
Astro Boy/Toby: He's a kid voiced by Freddie Highmore
Dr. Tenma: He's Astro's father voiced by Nicolas Cage.
Cora: She's a kid voiced by Kristen Bell.

Plot Sumary
The world is divided into two locations. There's the people who live in luxury on a large floating island, and the people living in destitution on the planet surface.
Relationships between the two groups are at the breaking point. There's some sort of arms race going on here.
Toby sneaks into a meeting between his father, Dr. Tenma, and other scientists. They present to the military a robot called the Peacekeeper, and a discovery: red and blue core.
Blue core is stuff that gives robots light side attributes (kindness, generosity and so on) while the red core gives dark side attributes (hate, mindless destruction) They feed the red core into the Peacekeeper and it goes crazy. In the following battle, Toby is obliterated by the robot.
Dr. Tenma is crushed by the loss, so he creates a robot that looks like Toby and has all of his memories (from a DNA strand). He fuels the robot with the blue core, hoping to "replace" his lost son with this robot.
But the plan goes wrong when the robot doesn't act exactly like Toby, and Dr. Tenma disavows his kid.
Tossed out, the new Toby is hunted down by the military for his blue core, and end up hiding amongst the refugees on the surface (that's where he meets up with Cora.)

Main Characters
I like Toby/Astro Boy a lot. He's just a robotic kid trying to find out where he belongs.
Dr. Tenma's okay, too; acting irrational comes easy for those who lose a loved one.
But Cora feels flat. Maybe because she's one of only a few female characters in the film. SCORE: 7

Supporting Cast
There's a mayor running for re-election on a platform of "let's destroy the surface dwellers." Why? Besides, after the robot goes crazy one with the red core, he wants to repeat the same mistake a second time and unleash a monster to destroy his beloved city. That's just crazy. SCORE: 3

It felt too structured for me; one event would come right after another event only to push the plot forward. People and robots would show up at the most convenient times far too often. SCORE: 5

This film rehashes the "boy learns how to use super powers" storyline too much. SCOR: 4

Violence Factor
There's a lot of destruction on display here, and Astro Boy gets more than a hammering. What is he made of, anyway? And who's going to clean up the mess? SCORE: 5

Other Moral Issues
This film is about family and accepting each other for who they are. But I never understood the conflict between the citizens on the floating island and the surface dwellers. SCORE: 4

Final Score (out of 60): 28 % Score: 46.67%
Astro Boy needs a more thought in the story.
I saw this movie with friends, some who read the original manga and others, like me, who only knew the name. We all enjoyed it, I for one enjoyed the story and the message it had. My friends who knew Astro Boy b/f enjoyed it because, although they changed a few bits, it was still almost the same Astro Boy with enough new to keep it interesting. I can't wait for a squeal.
I took my kids and friends kids to see this film and i was surprised. I love it I loved the characters but I also loved the messages 'be nice to others' and 'help the earth'. this is for all the parents out there take your kids to see this movie and then mc donalds has the toys in the happy meals which is win win for me lol
The convoluted story is forgiven because of its excellent visuals. There are some excellent action sequences and the animation is fantastic. Some of the voice acting is well done too.

Not anything special, but will entertain.
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