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Arthur 1981

Arthur is a happy drunk with no pretensions at any ambition. He is also the heir to a vast fortune which he is told will only be his if he marries Susan. He does not love Susan, but she...

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Well, it is a very old movie, but also one of the funniest movies. I ran on to it now while I was looking for more movies with Liza Minnelli and I just had to rate it! Must see movie
Dudley Moore showed that no matter how out of control your charecter is, the actor still has to be in full control. He never gets rediculously over board with it where it would susoend the laughs into the annoyence. Which is fairly easy given that he plays drunk threw out all the movie. He mannages to find new actions for his objectives while playing drunk. Even though while drunk we don't tend to have same flow of thoughts, an actor must be alwayse in control.
Well, that is a terrible title. And I apologize. But I'm not changing it. So there.

Anyways, 16 Blocks is just pretty average. Bruce Willis ("Lucky Number Slevin") plays an aging cop (again). He's good at the role, but I've seen him do it before, and better. Mos Def ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") is turning into quite a good actor. But his accent in this made me crazy. I really wanted someone to gag him. So, this movie is okay, but it's no Hostage.

David Cronenberg ("A History of Violence") is fast becoming my favorite director. His films are always fascinating and usually disturbing. Dead Ringers is no exception. Jeremy Irons ("Casanova") stars as twin gynecologists Beverly and Elliot Mantle. They share everything, including women, until Beverly falls for an actress and wants to keep her all to himself. Then things start to fall apart. Ringers isn't as gross as most of Cronenberg's films, though there is one scene. It does touch on many of his common themes, science and the body, sex and violence., transformation. The cinematography is awesome, creating a very insular world in which the twins live. But as amazing as the film is, it would not have worked with out the brilliance of Irons. He gives himself over to the twins, creating distinct personalities for both Bev and Elly. Amazing. I wasn't an Irons fan before, but I most certainly am now. See this movie!

Arthur is on the AFI's Top 100 Laughs list. And some of it is quite funny. Dudley Moore ("Blame It on the Bellboy") stars as a happy, rich drunk who stands to loose his inheritance if he doesn't marry the woman his father has chosen for him. He caves in, but, on the eve of his engagement, he meets Liza Minnelli ("The OH in Ohio") and falls for her. Though Moore is constantly wizecracking, and it's occasionally funny, the real laughs come from his butler, John Gielgud ("Elizabeth"), who won an Oscar for his role. Gielgud's deadpan is more hilarious than Moore's outlandishness could ever be. Enjoyable, but mostly forgettable, film.
Delightful movie. Side splitting laughs at times, heart warming at others. Sir John Gielgud is funny and poignant as Hobson, Arthur's butler. My favorite scene is where he goes to Liza Minnelli's house to talk to her, you really sympathize for him and her. Memorable song "The best that you can do", and unforgettable characters make this a feel-good memorable movie.
One of the funnier movies I have seen. 3 Great comdeic performances.
13 Going on 30 9 out of 10:fresh:

I love watching an older comedy that still holds up today and Arthur is a classic in that regard. Dudley Moore and his memorable laugh are hilarious as is Sir John Gielgud's dry wit. One the better comedies I've ever seen.

An incredibly sexy warlock named Caleb looked very familiar...because he was the incredibly sexy fire wielding superhero Warren Peace from Sky High. Superhero, witch, whatever. He's hot as hell. And the movie was good clean fun- nothing like a good techno music-fueled fight. Oh, and am I the only girl who totally appreciates that this movie has a shower scene full of perfectly cut men? Hello. Best movie about hot showering naked witch boys ever. It wasn't about the shower? Oh. It was still a fun movie.

Arthur is a cutesy sitcom of a movie where the happy ending can be seen a mile away, and there's not much to take home from the lazy character arc of the titular rich drunkard, but it's lovely to watch it all pan out anyway, and it manages to work a surprising amount of hilarity out a tired old "drunk people say the darndest things" setup. Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli, and John Gielgud are grand old times on screen, and Steve Gordon keeps things breezy and simple enough to forgive any of his script's shortcomings. Overall, it's definitely on the light side but I definitely wouldn't fight AFI over putting on their 100 Funniest list, because it's got the market cornered on slurred one-liners and dry British butlerisms.

Meh. I should just leave my review at that.

But I won't... because years from now I'll wonder why I just put "meh". You know, it's like my mother and her home movies... you have more than you could possibly watch in a lifetime... and life goes on and still you don't start watching them. That's how this will be for me. I'll write all these reviews and then never read them. Oh well.

So on to the real review...

A drunk guy wandering around town... but somehow it almost feels like Richie Rich or more accurately, Blank Check... but with adults and alcohol and sex.

Liza Minelli really hasn't changed much in all these years... she just wrinkled a bit but kept the same facial expressions and hair as she once had. She was fine in this, nothing extraordinary, but neither was the movie. So I guess that was appropriate.

The story just wasn't anything all that new or different and while it was well made and there wasn't anything wrong with any aspect of it really, there also wasn't anything special to stick with me.

So, a 7/10, the rating that is plagued by the neverending "meh".
Oh drunk people... If only they acted like Arthur...

This movie is an early romantic comedy, in the way that we think about them today. Rich guy wants to marry poor girl, but parents threaten to cut him off if he doesn't marry the a rich girl. The movie takes a while to pick up, but it is well worth the wait.
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