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Around the World in 80 Days 2004

A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief, and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days...

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Around the World in 80 Days is a huge piece of crap.

Well, okay, it has a couple funny parts, but generally, and a waste of time.

I don't particularly like Jackie Chan. Steve Coogan I just saw for the first time in Coffee and Cigarettes and he's good. He's even good here, in Around the World in 80 Days, as is C
I thought this was a great movie. The acting a good, the directing was good. I liked the cinematogrphy also. The theater was filled with kids, and all I heard through the whole movie was laughing, ooo-ing, and awing. So the kids liked this allot. I thought it was one of the better kids movies I have seen all year. I got to see this as a movie premier, so when it comes out go see it.
Around the World in 80 Days

*Steve Coogan

*Jackie Chan
*Did not stay true to book
*First half was boring

Overall: Around the World in 80 Days is not the best adaption of the book.
shit, thursday morning and i am at work, that means that i didn't get the super lotto last night! oh well, maybe one of these weeks.......

watched the movie yesterday, the movie is good for a "family-type" movie... it is true that it resembles a lot the old school disney movies and stays solid or constant in that way.

did you see the action performed by the daughter of Cheng Peipei? it is a short section, i don't know if it was her or a stunt-double, but i think it was very good, strong, explosive, fast, not like dancing if you know what i mean.

here are some pictures of cheng peipei and her daughter


jackie chan section with daniel wu was nice too. i got goose bumps when jackie moved that chinese bench around :D sammo part very short, huh? hehe.... k, time to have lunch
We caught Around the World in 80 days after wushu class. I was expecting it to be a stupid, silly, kids movie with a few laughs and hopefully good Jackie Chan action.

I was pleasantly suprised with the film. Yes its silly, yes its pretty predictable, yes its mostly aimed at 'the family market'... but the action is pretty good actually, and the characters all get in a few good laughs, and the cameos are good.

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by Karen Mok... I'm not a huge fan of her HK work (she's no Cecilia Cheung!), I had no idea her english was that flawless (she's 1/2 white and 1/2 chinese, but I assumed she had HK English... :-P

Also Dan, aka Mr. Grumpy's scene in the 'Lanzhou Village' was pretty good. The fact that he's fighting Jackie (and doing a decent job of it) will make me forgive that weird fake fob accent.... AND I think its just cool to see the famed '10 tigers of Canton' in a friggin' wide release western movie... i was tempted to give it a 9/10 even!

I can't see how anyone can trash this movie, I don't know what they were expecting, it doesn't try to be anything too much more than it is, but it has enough entertainment to keep things going along well. I was particularly disturbed by THIS HUGE IDIOT's review. I think he was expecting a power movie about racial relations in the 19th century... and was disappointed...

Some movies are SO bad :rotten: , and it seems that directors/writers KNEW it, that you can't help but like them.
This movie is pretty awful. Some things within it are sheerly unexplainable. Like where does the pouty Ms. de France GET ALL those changes of clothes?? Why do the San Franciscans have midwest accents? Why does the Dragon Lady General want to kill Jackie Chan (Passport Tu)?? It doesn't make sense. :confused:
But who cares!! This movie is just too fun. It's just a shame that there aren't more twisted, demented movies like this out there in the theatres!
If you're in a demented mood, go see it. It suits very well my fu*ckedup sense of humour. :p
The best scenes for illustrating this are: when the old lady, chasing the hot air balloon and her purse, leaps from the wall onto the sandbags below and falls flat on her face with a loud "crack" onto the cobblestones below. I cried I was laughing so hard at this.
The Governator's (baaaaaad wig!!!): "Not the statue of ME!!" at their threatening the destruction of the Rodin/Arnie-Bodybuilder Thinker. It's his most prized possession!! hahaha! :D
When the captain of the steam ship says "You had me at the nipples."
"Thank GOD we own India!!"
WTF??!!! Hilarity. :up:

I absolutely LOVE the Monty Python-esque Steve Coogan. And the huggably adorable Jackie Chan made my day with his groovy prop-filled stunts. And while Cecile de France was annoying, she was still cute and loveable.
Unapologetically politically incorrect (except them saying "asian" chap, but I'm sure that was deliberately satiric). Messed up dialogue (see above example - "thank god we own india").

I'm seeing it again!! :cool:
I got to see this movie for free and even then I wanted my money back

This movie was very good don't listen to any reviews & only read two bad ones & they where completly wrong even making claims of racism because of one line in the starting "I only take French valets"! :rolleyes:

From the starting this movie was good & only one weak spot in the fighting scenes I will give you some advice.............When you see paint take a bathroom break!

This movie is very long started @ 7:30 & we got out 25 mins to 10:00

They travel all through out the world from NY to India to the Himalyas to Sanfran. & have a wild cast of cameos & guest appearances I won't spoil all but if see if you can find Macy Gray in the film,along with the Governator & The Wilson Bro's.

thats all I am saying & there is much more!

Watch this movie Adults & Kids will like it!
It wasnt a good movie, but it wasnt bad, it was just OK...i thought it was a good movie for children under the age of 12. the only people I had heard of in this movie was jackie chan, i think if they had more widely known actors and actresses it could have been better
...alone ... aw well get used to it xtina. i liked this movie. it pretty much met my expectations. it was enjoyable. i prolly gave it an extra good rating cuz i've been in an absolute foul mood this week and coming out of the theater i felt good. even bought myself a bowl of ramen. yum yum!

i added my rating for shrek 2 cuz i don't think i rated it after i saw it ... again ... alone. :eek: my favorite character was puss in boots. best cute cat eyes EVAR!
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