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"Give me some sugar, babe"
Classic 10/10!
Still good for the 100th time. 8.5/10
So many classic lines...
@Nazdroth ROFL Bruce <3
Shop smart...Shop S-Mart!
@Nazdroth lol agreed
Buba was cool. My name is Bruce is awesome!
@Trauma65 @nazdroth @raceher onto some Bubba Ho-tep?
WOW . . what a romp! HAHAAA . . hail to the king!
Best Necronomicon feature film ever. Oh and also there's Bruce Campbell in it. Definitely a winner. Also this is funny. Back when Raimi knew how to had fun with his audience. Good times, good times indeed.
This is a classic b movie, made of evil dead and back to the future, stitched together by human sinew in the reanimator's lab. More or less. But don't take my word for it. Watch it.
Great movie !! This film actually has two different endings that are available on the DVD Special Edition. The U.S. ending that is posted in these links and the U.K. ending that the director Raimi origionally intended.
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