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Are We Done Yet? 2007

Newlyweds Nick (Ice Cube) and Suzanne (Long) decide to move to the suburbs to provide a better life for their two kids. But their idea of a dream home is disturbed by a contractor (McGinley) with a bizarre approach to business...

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funny at times could be better though

we need to be able to whacth wat we in english

Are We Done Yet? (2007)

Now married to Suzanne (Nia Long), Nick Persons (Ice Cube) has bought a quiet suburban house to escape the rat race of the big city and to provide more space for his new wife and kids Lindsey and Kevin (Aleisha Allen and Philip Daniel Bolden).

But when his new home quickly becomes a costly "fixer upper" and he finds himself at the mercy of an eccentric contractor (John C. McGinley), Nick's suburban dream soon becomes a riotous nightmare. More importantly, as much effort as the house will require, the Persons are going to find that it will take even more work to make the house a home. -


Probably one of the worst "films" I've seen in awhile, and I've slept through some bad ones.

Where to start.... hmmm how about the story. It's been done plenty of times before, only so much better. The acting.... well I guess you could call it that... was horrid, I mean it's pretty bad when one of the best characters was the sturgeon. Speaking of characters... by the end of this flick I was absolutely despising the "family". They came across as selfish and unsympathetic.

As for comedic value, save your money and time and just watch the trailers.

Horrible, horrible movie.
I am typically not the kind of person to see a sequel before the original in any situation. "Are We Done Yet?" was an exception to the rule, as I never before thought of even touching "Are We There Yet?" with a ten foot pole. As I am sure many people have been, I was intrigued by the presence of Scrubs star John C. McGinley's role in the film.

I was not too disappointed in McGinley's performance, as he had some really funny moments as the ex-Olympic running ex-NBA playing contractor slash real estate agent slash local law enforcement. The script did not really give him much to work with but he made most of the movie bearable.

Ice Cube is a decent enough comedic actor, but the rest of the cast really does nothing to help the film and with a mediocre cast and a crappy family comedy script, this is pretty much to be expected. There are a few minor laughs, and the physical comedy is decent, but the movie goes from mildly amusing to sort of maudlin and half-assed by the end of the film. Maybe worth a rent if you are into the sort of thing, or you want to get a John C. McGinley fix, but really not worth it.
Are We Done Yet? picks up from Are We There Yet? left off, and out of any film with a sequel i have seen, this sequel is the worst. the reason being that it feels like it left a whole lot of scenes on the cutting room floor that could have possibly made this film make some more sense, but it didn't. the chuck guy was really energetic, but i really couldn't understand some of the things he was saying. despite the trailer being funny, this film wasn't, but as usual, trailers can be deceiving sometimes.
Are we Done Yet is a Pretty normal movie. Sequel to "Are we there Yet?". And I think they should've put a sequel in. But make it more interesting, more Physical Comedy, And better acting. But this movie is solid. So go ahead to your local theater and see it!!
Rarely do we get the opportunity to see a movie so inexplicably bad, so audaciously un-amusing, so outright depressing, that only a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a couple of hundred milligrams of morphine, would restrain me from bashing my head into the keyboard, as a means of typing up this review. Luckily for my hard working editor, Elsa Chin, and my readers, you, I am appropriately supplied today. While watching this film, I slowly fell into a dazed confusion, lusting for things like war, destruction, chaos, and Baby Geniuses (1999).

When seeing something so astonishingly awful, my rationality shuts down and my primal instincts come out. I move dangerously close to the edge. The civilized attitude one is expected to have to keep in line with 21st century norms, is unattainable when viewing this picture. In fact, if you have already seen and enjoyed this movie, I bow down to your disciplined ways; you are a fighter, and maybe your next step is a career in the Russian army. Unfortunately, for weak people like me, we are shell-shocked, caught off guard, traumatized.

From beginning to end, "Are We Done Yet?" stands as a major miscalculation. A visit to the DMV is a better form of entertainment. Instead of spending an hour and a half watching this movie, I could have done something fun that didn't violate my three golden rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. "Are We Done Yet?" really got me thinking: If something this small-scale has the ability to make me feel this lousy, how will I face something big like death? Has this movie made me a candidate for therapy? Maybe I am being too extreme and should calm down. But I am looking out for your time. Unless, of course, you really want to see a 92 minute comedy whose main plot line involves a family who buys a really old house and nothing more. Do you really want to see a movie whose "plot keywords" on IMDb read as followed: "Women In Labour Scene," "Slapstick," "Renovation," and "Raccoon." Is this some sort of sick joke? I look at it more as an antagonizing insult; I guess I am just overly sensitive.

This is a movie where things make absolutely no sense, but more annoyingly, the film thinks that this is okay, or funny I guess. Nick (Ice Cube) and Suzanne (Nia Long) move into a house that looks all so promising at first sight, but as they later find out, it is a hazardous waste dump, full of destruction. Everything, including the windows, get broken. Now, if you have just purchased a house that is as strong as paper, wouldn't walking on the roof (as Nick does is one scene) be the last thing you do? By all means, if you can't figure out what happens next, see "Are We Done Yet?"

This is a film that tries to entertain its audience by a dodo plot what will break next, it asks? If things didn't break in the movie, well, this wouldn't even be a movie (and what a fortunate thing that would be). I don't think that I can remember a recent film that is this obnoxiously random.

When fishing at the lake, Nick sees a man eating fish drag his son in. Why is a man eating fish in the lake to begin with? Is this actually possible? Or, more importantly, when Nick jumps onto the monster, fights him, and then says "you messed with the wrong kid," is this supposed to be funny? How do these situations not frighten him? Is Nick human? A raccoon talks to Nick, but he doesn't treat the situation as if, yes, a raccoon just spoke to him? Doesn't Nick realize, in the history of the world a talking raccoon has never been recorded. Something that would change the course of science forever and it had to be observed by such an indescribable idiot.

I think the best thing to do, if one ever dares to see this movie, is to not ask questions at all. It is an illogical catastrophe. Movies like "The Goonies" or "Like Mike" or even in an extreme case, "Scary Movie", also had no logic. The only difference is how its non sense actually made sense. I got a grasp of what all three movies were trying to do, weather it was to make me laugh, smile, or just use my imagination. This movie does none of that, so I am now forced to question a film where raccoons act like people, and people act like raccoons. It is all too bizarre, in a painfully squeamish way. This is a film that fails not only in making sense, but in its tone as well.

The only thing authentic in this movie is its title. And even then, instead of being called "Are We There Yet 2?", the sequel was simply changed to its present title "Are We Done Yet?" This picture is an historic example of unoriginality.

On a future note, however, I feel Director Steven Carr will mature, showing us the potential that he obviously possesses; I will be waiting. Ice Cube and the rest of the cast will be in the same boat as well; they look like a group that has fun doing what they are doing, and this is always a great thing. They just need to begin choosing their roles more wisely and carefully, so one day when they look back at their life achievements, "Are We Done Yet?" will be something they did when they were just really young and stupid.
Needless movie, amusing in bits here and there, but in general predictably stupid. Empty and sloppily put together.
Wow, a sequel that is soooo much better than the first I almost clapped. This one tops the first by a long shot. The kids grew up a little which made them a whole lot less annoying and that damn bobble-head is hopefully gone for good. No annoying kids and no bobble-head means a better movie. Maybe the best sequel to come from a terrible, horrible and painful comedy ever. 3/5
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