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Aquamarine 2006

Two teenage girls discover a mermaid in their beach club's swimming pool...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 5.2

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This movie is amazing I love it. All the stars did an amazing job in my point of view. This movie really captured my attention, it was great.;)
*:) This heartwarming comedy is just simply delightful. This film teaches you about the true meaning of friendship and love. All the characters play an important role in its overall plot development. Emma Roberts, Jojo, and Sara Paxton are fantastic, humorous, and ambitious. This movie shall always remain in my heart! I encourage all viewers and all movie lovers to see this magnificent film.:) *

Initial Reaction: Isn't that a color?

Main Characters

Hailey, Claire: Two thirteen year old girls played by Joanna Levesque and Emma Roberts

Aquamarine: She's a mermaid played by Sara Paxton.

Plot Summary

It is days before two girls are to be separated because one of them is off to New Zealand (from the U.S.). The girls, Hailey and Claire, hate that idea and wish they could do something to stop it.

That night, during a storm, Aquamarine is shoved into the pool outside of the house where one of the girls lives. The three girls meet up soon afterwards.

Aquamarine wants to run away from a bad marriage, and to keep from marrying that merman she doesn't want to, the mermaid has to show that love exists.

Or, more to the point, that a guy can fall in love with her in three days.

By the way, it's not just any guy -- it's the VERY FIRST GUY she sees, a hunky lifeguard that all the women want to go out with.

Hailey and Claire say no, but when Aquamarine tells the girls that they will get a wish if they make that hunky lifeguard fall in love with her.

And with a wish, Hailey and Claire can stop that trip to New Zealand, and they won't have to be separated.


Main Characters

The mermaid is very much a ditz because she goes for the very FIRST guy she sees. She knows he's the one because the plot makes her say that.

As for the girls, they're okay, but there's nothing magical about them. SCORE: 4

Supporting Cast

We have the mandatory bad girls, the creepy guy and the lifeguard who's nice, but very bland. These are characters that will quickly be forgotten. SCORE: 3


I had high hopes for the film -- it had the potential to get into magical, mystical, awe inspiring plot lines. But the instant that Aquamarine says something like "I want him to love me in three days", all that magic and wonder went out the window. From that point on, it became a high school after school special that sinks faster than the Titanic. SCORE: 2


This plotline is basic to almost all teen comedies: A handsome guy has to fall for a gorgeous girl with other girls trying to ruin the relationship, but failing. This film needed more wonder, magic and mystical stuff to set it apart.

Besides, if you want to see a film about a mermaid falling for a human go see The Little Mermaid. SCORE: 3

Violence Factor

There's a few slap fights between the girls, but nothing too bad. SCORE: 9

Other Moral Issues

This movie tries to talk about love and friendship, but the love part is rushed too much -- three days is nowhere near enough to determine if he's Mr. Right. SCORE: 3

Final Score (out of 60): 24 % Score: 40%

This film needed more magic, and more awe inspiring scenes, instead of the tired romantic "I have to have him love me" plotline.
This movie was like a Disney Channel version of Splash meets The Little Mermaid meets Emma Roberts' show on Nickelodeon. It was cute, but really cheesy. I am a 21-year old college student though, not exactly the target audience. The obnoxious 11/12 year olds in the seats behind me seemed to love it though. So I think the movie is pretty good for that age. I'm still only giving it a 6 though because to me, it was kinda boring. However, it was kind of scandalous that the costuming department chose to have Aquamarine be a "real" mermaid with her hair always covering her naked chest.
A lighthearted, gum-smacking, boy-crazy film with a hopeful message for young girls.

Yeah, if you're a mermaid you can find true love
:rotten: i seriously hated it. i saw it today and me and my frinds were all like when is this movie goin to be over. the only good thing in the only part is sein the hot guy. everything is horrible it is a good movie for a litle kid but not for people 13 and older.
The movie was preety good, i went into hopeing it wouldnt be gurly and it really wasnt. It was a nice movie.
this rocks
Not much to say, boring, chessy with bad acting and an overdone to deaths script. JoJo is fugly and Emma Roberts is to; neither show any talent and need to get off the screen. The mermaid is even nasty looking, is she supposed to be hot? NOT! This movie is stupid and has been done a million times, but this is the worst
This is my second viewing of Wes Craven's ("Red Eye") The Hills Have Eyes. And while it does have some tense parts, it's not nearly as disturbing as his earlier Last House on the Left or as scary as his later Nightmare on Elm Street. The dog, Beast, in the film should really get top billing. He's smarter than all the humans combined. Also, every time I watch these 70s horror films, I'm just reminded of how badly Rob Zombie ripped them off. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be suckered into watching the remake. So now I'm ready to compare and contrast.

Aquamarine was really quite entertaining. I found myself giggling more than I thought I would. If I were a pre-teen girl, this would be one of my favorite movies. So I think the filmmakers did what they set out to do.

Three Extremes is a collection of horror films from Asian horror masters. I enjoyed all of them, but the first one, Dumplings, really stands out as the most disturbing. It really shouldn't have been first, because the others had a hard time living up to the shock. Cut, the second film, was probably my favorite. But I found the third one, Box, a little lackluster.
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