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Any Given Sunday 1999

A behind-the-scenes look at the life-and-death struggles of modern-day gladiators and those who lead them...

Release Date:
December 22, 1999
162 min
Oliver Stone
Jim Brown, Greg Orvis, Al Pacino, ...
Drama, Sport

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 6.8

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Despite my somewhat low rating, I was impressed with this film. I thought I wouldn't be able to stand it and it's 2 and 1/2 hour runtime would drag on and on. Luckily, this wasn't true. The movie is basically an exaggerated view of football to add a whole lot of drama on and off the field. The drama isn't that impressive (and it sometimes causes eye-rolling) but it keeps the film amusing enough. The film sways back and forth between good and bad. We sometimes get surprising thrills, interesting speeches, and enjoyable characters but then we get some predictable events, inappropriate dialogue, and forced complications. The film's best aspect, however, is Oliver Stone's style. His style, more than anything else, holds the film together and helps keep everything somewhat appealing.
I enjoyed this one. It does a good job of representing the sport as well as what goes on behind the scenes.
Oliver Stone's examination of the ego-driven, inflated world of professional football does not contain the passion or energy of Stone's best work...even though he tries to cover that up by using the rapid-cut editing that has become a staple of his style. Any Given Sunday examines so many storylines that it seems as if Stone is trying to cram every single pro-sports cliche into the movie. In addition to the backup quarterback who proves everyone wrong and then is undone by his growing ego, we get a corrupt team doctor, an aging player trying to hang on for one last game, an interfering owner, and a craggy coach who is tied to his romantic notions about the game of football. Stone has never been known as a subtle director, but his use of caricatures in this film makes it a tedious exercise. The cast is excellent, and most of them transcend Stone's vision and create believable characters, but since their fates are so predictable, there is not really any drama in the film. Al Pacino plays the head coach of the Miami Sharks (a fictional franchise), and through his eyes we see the ups and downs of the team as they suffer through injuries, egos and an owner's daughter (Cameron Diaz) who is convinced she knows what is best for the team. The central storyline involves the injury of the team's aging quarterback (Dennis Quaid), and the success of his stopgap replacement (Jamie Foxx). While Stone intends to make points about the greed and selfishness that is inherent in pro sports, the effectiveness of his point is undermined by his own frenetic style. The film drags on for three long hours, with nothing particularly insightful or profound to tell us about the world of pro sports. Worse, Stone doesn't find an engaging way to shoot the actual football scenes, and so the games seem like a hodge-podge of hits and grunts, with no sense of the strategy that is integral to football. The performances are all quite good (I particularly liked James Woods as an oily team doctor), but the actors are abandoned by Stone's ego and his obtrusive style. Any Given Sunday has the content of a standard sports drama, but Stone believes he is making an epic statement about American culture. In sports, it is important to understand what type of team you have, and in filmmaking, it is important to understand what type of movie you are trying to make. Stone is going for a Hail Mary when the playbook clearly calls for a short pass.

Here's my 1999 review of Any Given Sunday. I was sick with Pneumonia when I wrote this and had been for about two months and, therefore, it sucks. Still, enjoy!


Picture this: I'm sick... and I don't mean sick as in "I have a cold" or "I have the flu", I'm sick as in "I've had pneumonia for a month. Will I live to see 2000?". Yep, that's how I spent the last two weeks and my Christmas holiday... at death's door coughing and hacking up stuff that you only see in your nightmares. Well, I'm on the road to recovery at last and now I'm worrying about how to see the final wave of '99 releases before the big two-zero-zero-zero kicks me right in the butt. So, my little brother decides to drive me into town and see a movie right. Nice of the little guy (I say little even though he's going to be eighteen in two weeks and he's just a hair taller than I am now) since he knows I love the movies and haven't been able to go for a while. He asks me which movie I want to see... now, keep in mind I still don't feel very well... and I respond, "I don't care.

Big mistake.

My baby bro picks Any Given Sunday knowing full well that the only thing I hate more than football is a football movie. In fact, the best football movie I've seen in the last five years has been The Waterboy. Still, I was in that depressed sickly just-don't-give-a-crap stage and I went anyway.

I will say this, Any Given Sunday was hands and yards better than Varsity Blows, but in the long run it amounted to an NFL highlight film sporadically interrupted by a movie. Imagine... Monday Night Football: The Movie!

Oliver Stoner... I mean, Stone... God bless him, he has such mastery over the moving image. He manipulates action and imagery as though it was fine marble and he was Michelangelo.

Al Pacino... the guy totally rules. He can take a piece of shit role like the one he had in Dick Tracy and make it into a scene-chewing bonanza! I want to be just like Al when I grow up!

Cameron Diaz... My god, even when she's a total bitch on wheels, as she is in this movie, she is hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

LL Cool J... Does anyone find it odd that right after Deep Blue Sea we would find him playing football for a team called "The Sharks"?

And finally, Jaime Foxx... Our boy has really grown up. From Luwanda "I'm Gonna Rock Yo' World" on In Living Color to his big screen dramatic debut in On Any Given Sunday, Foxx proves he's got the acting legs to make it in Hollywood.

Any Given Sunday is chock full of excellent stars, but the story is paper-thin, full of every clich
Just saw.
Being John Malkovich.. just awesome!
I so wanted to like this one. Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz should have been great. But this movie is a snooz and the football uniforms look like ballet outfits. Stay away!
The performances are great, Al Pacino, and Jamie Foxx's being the best.A great movie rental, and if you love movie, and football, you are in for a very juicy treat. However, the film does tend to drag on in some respect, and Stone isn't on the top of his game.
:rolleyes: I don't like sports. I don't like hockey, Football, Tennis, baseball, or any other sport. So you can imagine what I thought of this movie...:rolleyes:...well what can I say. It is well acted, It is probably one of the best sport movies out there...if there is such a thing....:rolleyes:...But alas....I am willing to give this a six since the only reason I didn't like it is.....did I mention? I don't like sports!
This is my last update for the night, I promise.

Oliver Stone
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