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Another Cinderella Story 2008

A guy who danced with what could be the girl of his dreams at a costume ball only has one hint at her identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed home in order to make her curfew. And...

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Ripoff, stereotypical..same old same old.. yes that's very true. However, for young teens ( especially Selena Gomez fans or those who love remakes of fairytale plots) this is a cute movie- very predictable but cute and also quite funny at times.

@ all just added a gorillavid;should be up in a few I checked it out everything is in sync an such :)

Yes, I am reviewing a chick flick. Yes, I am a dude. Yes, I was forced to do this. Got it? Good. Now that unpleasantness is out of the way, we can begin.

Another Cinderella Story is the sequel to A Cinderella Story, an insipid take on the classic story of Cinderella. I'm not really sure why anyone needed any of Cinderella Story films in the first, what with them consisting of over the top dance routines, bad singing and lame acting, but then again, no film with a level of complexity below that of Apocalypse Now! is really seen as necessary by me now.

So what can I say about Another Cinderella Story? It's plot follows "teen-heart throb" (also know as "queer in the making") Joey Parker ("played" by Andrew Seeley) as he tries to find his perfect woman, Mary ("played" by Selena Gomez) in an odd world in which child labour is still okay, teachers seem to flock towards "teen heart-throbs" just as much as children and black people conform to stereotypes and give themselves stupid names like "the funk". Oh wait, I forgot this was set in America.

Anyway as the plot progresses the film forgets that it was trying to rip off Cinderella and gradually becomes a common feel-good dance movie, without the feel-good part. The scripting is awful, and pun-laden dialogue or "hip-hop" speech is throw at the audience as often as possible, the acting on display is as much as can be expected from a professional dancer and the guy from one tree hill. The soundtrack is as insipid as it is infuriating, with all of the songs sounding likeBoyzone on steroids.

I've got to give the film some praise though. Not because of it's content in anyway, but because of it's cinematography, which has some genuinely inventive shots.

All in all, this film sucks. It's an unnecessary sequel to an unnecessary film, but it doesn't really matter anyway because no-one really expects anything from a film entitled Another Cinderella Storyand there will be a million other clones of this film which fare much better at the box office because they can afford to have Miley Cyrus in them. See? I'm down with the kids.

Someone shoot me.


really good film!!!

amazing dances!!!

I was actually surprised by how entertaining this movie was. Definitely better than that Hillary Duff film. Although there were some inconsistencies in the movie and some really far fetched things (after all it IS a children's movie) I thought Gome'z acting was superior than most Disney stars these days and had really good chemistry with "prince charming". I'd watch it again on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Not a bad movie. Kinda fun.
:fresh: this movie is good enough for Selena to impart her talents in singing, dancing, and acting..
its a steriotypical disney story, give me a break and stop making movies !!
The good: Selena Gomez actually does have some talent. That's about it.

The bad: It's just like its predecessor in every way. It's revolting, the way it's the exact same characters and their personalities, just with different actors on different sets. This movie was obviously made to pump Selena Gomez's career, seeing as how it's totally unoriginal, boring, and cheesy--it's as if the creators took no effort in actually creating it. They just changed a few words in the A Cinderella Story script, and voila! A rotten tomato.

So to finish up: the movie should be okay for anyone who loves (or stalks) Selena Gomez, although they may be a bit troubled by the painfully familiar characters. But others will face a full ninety minutes of sheer boredom and slight torture. Enjoy.

P.S.: also, what's worse is that the characters are just as bland and stereotyped as the original ones from the first movie. It's aggravating that the movie world thinks that mean girls are idiot blondes who love the color pink. Um, no.
beautiful movie and a modern twist on the classic tale
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