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Annapolis 2006

Set against the backdrop of boxing at the Naval Academy, centers on a young man from the wrong side of the tracks whose dream of attending Annapolis becomes a reality...

Release Date:
January 27, 2006
108 min
Justin Lin
Henry Jaderlund, Matt Myers, Charles Napier, ...
Drama, Romance, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 5.8



Great movie ......
am I the only one who thinks it's suspicious that the US presents us with a recruiting movie during it's biggest recruitment drive? who runs this business?
Saw this the other night and wished for a little more.

The wife likes that James Franco guy (who's considerably shorter in person than you'd imagine) and asked for a free pass if he was willing to smooch. I declined, not just on the principle that we've been together for 10 years and nobody gets a free pass, but because I think he might be the next Josh Hartnet - lots of potential missed with the wrong roles.

This one just missed the mark for me, but was well shot and is generally likeable, just short of fresh.

(JUSTIN LIN, 2006)
Annapolis (2006): 5/10

"Let the buyer beware" is a common business term. This movie takes it to the limit. It is pre-viewed in trailers as a thrilling adventure with shots of naval ships and conflict. It is meant to be another Officer and Gentleman. None of the action scenes I saw that prompted me to see this movie are in the film! This is a rather boring boxing movie transported to the scenes of the naval academy. Unfortunately, this movie got torpedoed!
Good: James Franco is SOMEWHAT believable... The male persona is captured almost perfectly, but his character lacks a realistic backbone.

Good: It's funny, there are some great spots where it's hysterical... I.E Arkansas vs. Mississippi...

Bad: It's too short. They should've developed the characters more.

Bad: Camera is sluggish in the fight scenes... you get dizzy watching it.

Annoying: One word. Predictable.

Overall... it was a good movie, a fun flick to relax and enjoy... but don't expect an amazing knock-your-socks-off movie.
Good movie. Predictable/Yes. Funny/Yes. Captures Military Life/Somewhat.
I thought Annapolis was a fun movie to see with my crew. I heard that it doesn't accurately portray the naval academy lifestyle. I'd like to know how these critics know that. I probably haven't seen the right movies so I'd like someone give me the reasons why it was so cliche. I didn't think it was that bad at all.

Let me just start out by saying that Annapolis is NOT a bad film. It's just hard to give something a fresh rating when there is nothing fresh about it. This is where the biggest problem lies. Everything in this film feels familliar and predictable. All the cliches are here. The father who is not there, the rebel, the hot girl, the tough superior, the fat kid. It all feels kind of blah. The film is entertaining but its not much fun because one can predict what will happen. If you are not expecting anything new and just want to be entertained and satisfied for an hour and a half then Annapolis is definetely for you. Performances are all good. I thought James Franco did a good job. Overall, Annapolis is a very ordinary fare where everything is predictable. It is however, entertaining and fairly satisfying.
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