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The movie has its downfalls, but I love it to bits. The animation is superb. If you enjoy Don Bluth's animation style you'll definitely like it, and the songs are terribly catchy.

Check it out with your kids to give them a harmless crash course in Russian history.
I love this movie

i cant find an english version

Love this movie and i haven't seen it in years! Ahhhh, all my childhood memories are flooding back to me...

Whoa yesterday was messed up! It started out pretty good. We sang "Once Upon A December" in choral and I adore that song. Then, I'm told that my best friend is pissed at me and has told everyone else why. I had already known she was angry at me and that blew it up for me. We got into a huge arguement. It lasted all day. We finally both apologized at night though. And I saw The Klumps last night. It was so funny, I had forgotten how funny it was. *looks at time* I gotta go, school starts soon and I need to finish getting ready.

Very good animated feature from Don Bluth and associates.
Great songs, some excellent animation and a fair-to-middling plot gets this movie my recommendation (for whatever that's worth).
This movie was on TV the other night. It's one of my favourite animated movies of all time. The music is hauntingly beautiful, and the animation is quite nice! And the subject, based on the story of the daughter of the last Russian Czar, always interested me. The movie is so dream-like! Much lighter, obviously, than the real story, being a children's movie, but I just love watching it! Except I didn't like how the bat could talk but the puppy couldn't. Minor details. :D Yeah, I justwanted to add that... :)

A nice animated film, with some good voice characters and a couple of fine songs, but nothing really special. Enjoyable nevertheless. The best and the worst thing about the film : the screenplay. Based on real-life events, it's wants to be a mature film from time to time, but why did they had to add the Rasputin character and his side-kick Bartok? It's conflicting. Either do it good, try to make a real character driven animated film about real life events, but if you're gonna use that kind of villian and sidekick, make a complete different film. The bat is to blame.
I'd forgotten how much I like this movie. It's not the best animated film I've ever seen, but it's certainly a good one. I do get a little nervous when they change things so much from history or classical myth, but as Anastasia is presented as an alternate history and a fantasy, it's not as annoying as it might be given poorer handling of subject matter. The songs and score in this movie are fantastic, and there haven't been better songs in an animated film in the 6-7 years since. "Once Upon A December" is haunting and memorable, I could still clearly remember it having not seen the movie for 5 years. "Journey to the Past" and "In the Dark of the Night" are also outstanding. There are some really great scenes in this film, such as the opening, those three song sequences, and when Anastasia is reunited with her grandmother. The only thing that stops this movie from being truly great is that the script is extremely patchy. There are cheesy moments that make me cringe a little, and the comedy is for the most part not quite funny enough. The major script flaws don't stop it from being a good movie though, and the animation is good enough to keep you watching through the poorly written parts (which aren't in the majority, but are there).
FANTASTIC voice work from Angela Lansbury, as usual. What a legendary old crone.

Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey is back to his antics, and this was a very fun movie. The laughs were frequent enough to keep me entertained and the quality of the film in general was good, about on par with Liar Liar, if not slightly better due to some cleverer writing. By the end of the film I actually really wanted Jim Carrey to end up with Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is slightly typecast in this role, but she is convincing nonetheless. She's better as a lead actress as she can really sink into a character, as she does in The Good Girl. She is easily one of the most likeable actresses in film today. I liked this movie but not enough to want to buy it on DVD.
review to come
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