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Anaconda 1997

A "National Geographic" film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter, who takes them along on his quest to capture the world's largest - and deadliest - snake...

Release Date:
April 11, 1997
89 min
Luis Llosa
Frank Welker, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, ...
Horror, Thriller, Action, ...
USA, Peru, Brazil

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Solar rating: 8.1


Imdb rating: 4.6

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Great classic. 9 thumbs up
Another one i can watch over and over again & i do. This film brings such feelings of nostalgia back to me almost more than any other movie. True this is a B grade action horror from over 10 years ago with no giant cgi snake but this still beats most summer blockbusters we get these days outta hollywood in my opinion. 8/10
Another one of my ancient reviews from 1997. Enjoy!


Grab hold of something and prepare for a shock. Now, what I have to tell you is disturbing but I feel you must know this horrible, horrible news. Ready? B movies are back! "OH MY DEAR GOD NOOOOO!!!" is what most sane people would say especially in the wake of two really good horror movies, Scream and The Relic.
Now, in this movie we have a documentary film crew going out into the amazon looking for a lost tribe. Along with them is Ice Cube and Kari Wuher (A.K.A. Maggie on Sliders).

Anyway, they meet this guy from the Mission: Impossible movie who takes them on the wrong river so he can hunt the giant Anaconda snake.

The computer Generated snake effects are not exactly Jurassic Park quality and the acting is horrible. In short...if the biggest reaction you get from an audience is when a giant snake barfs up John Vought, you know you're in a ssssssssucky movie.
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Best in Show: Eric Stoltz (asleep mostly, lucky bugger)
One for the future: Kari Wuhrer (so good in Eight Legged Freaks, so dismal in this)
Stand-out scene: A vom and a wink
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

After hearing all the 'so bad it's good' talk surrounding this movie, I thought i'd give it a go for a laugh and I wasn't disappointed. From the waterfall running backwards through to Jon Voight's tramp who's found a quid expression and J-Lo's 'performance' (if they'd lost the raft, her body would have made a seaworthy wooden craft- how low can J-Lo go?) this was a laugh and a half. Made only a year before her outstanding performance in Out of Sight, it beggars belief that this is the same actress. Whereas the unashamedly B-movie Eight Legged Freaks had a knowing humour about its trashiness, this is just trash, despite the number of respected actors on board (Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson and maybe Jon Voight). I was astounded to discover that a) a sequel to this movie is out this year (same writer, brand new cast) and b) that the main writer - Hans Bauer - was behind the impressive story to Titan A.E. Still, everyone must have a dud in them I suppose. The story has Jo-Lo as the director of a documentary about the search for a mysterious tribe who live along the Amazon, her anthropologist boyfriend Eric Stoltz, cameraman Ice Cube, soundman Owen Wilson, token Englishman Jonathan Hyde, token girlfriend Kari Wuhrer (the sheriff from Eight Legged Freaks) and ship's pilot Vincent Castellanos are the rest of the potential fish food. When they 'rescue' snake hunter Paul Sarone, their fortunes take a downturn. Dumb no-brainers don't get much dumber than this and you would have thought that with their lax approach to the special effects there would have been a little more time to work on the story. Red faces all round.
Anaconda failed in alot of catagories to be a movie and here's why. First off, the snake looked as fake as hell, only when the camera was in long range it looked ok. Also, the acting in this movie was horrible, same goes for the script. But I must say, it was entertaining sometimes, but not alot. It also failed to scare me. The same think basically happened. Snake comes, snake eats, snake leaves, and repeat, that's basically what the whole movie is about. So overall, Anaconda is a waste of time and fails in many catergories. This movie gets a 3/10.

Anaconda (1997) Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Hyde, Kari Wuhrer, Vincent Castellanos, D:Luis Llosa. Documentary film crew adrift on the Amazon finds a forty-foot killer snake, instead of their intended search for a long-lost legendary Indian tribe. Cheesy snake-in-the-jungle flick isn't bad for what it is: an unabashed guilty pleasure; the snake is only sometimes convincing, but Voight adopts a fun campiness as a crusty, sneering river rat/poacher the crew picks up who can stangle his human victims between his knees. Excitement goes in and out, but the "regurgitation scene" exists as an amusingly yucky spectacle to a movie that wants none other than to be a great-fun B-monster movie. Running Time: 89 minutes and rated PG-13 for sensuality, language, and violence. ** 1/2
this movie just isn't that exciting to watch, the snakes are to computer animated for me. And there are just things in the movie that just don't coincide with how snakes react naturally. like i don't think snakes chase after people and think like the way this movie shows.

this thing just doesn't look right to me, especially when it starts moving. but the movie is still slightly entertaining
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