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An Officer and a Gentleman 1982

A young man must complete his work at a Navy Flight school to become an aviator, with the help of a tough gunnery sergeant and his new girlfriend...

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Enjoyed it many times. Gere is usually a terrible actor but did okay here.
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Loved this movie too.

Like Richard Gere , i think this is my favorite of his . . . i think the story is great. very nice.
Bueno, una pel
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Genres: Dramas, Action, Adventure, Friends, Drama, Romance, Self-Discovery, Personal Triumph, Recommended, Military, Theatrical Release, Essential Cinema

One line review: One of the better movies I've seen in a while.

I really enjoyed this film. It has a solid storyline based on a loner naval officer candidate going through boot camp. He's a broken wing coming from a bad background, but over the course of the film his character grows and develops. There is some solid characters that join his life, including his drill sargeant, his lover and his bestfriend. This is a great script. It includes all kinds of memorable scenes and leaves you feeling like you are watching a pivotal moment that will define someone's life, not a film.

I personally found the romance aspect of the film a bit cheesey, but it was still bareable (and makes the film more appealing to a large audience). I would have ended if 10-15 minutes earlier and left it as a dark self-discovery film. Richard Gere is excellent as the officer candidate and Louis Gosset Jr is absolutely outstanding as the gunnery sargeant. Debra Winger (lover) and David Keith (best friend) provide decent support. I felt the film was better when it focused on the relationship between Zach and his fellow candidates than the romance aspect.

There were a few scenes where the special effects didn't work out (I won't mention them because they were in the climax of the film and would give spoilers). I thought the denouement to tie all the loose ends was a bit rushed and unnecessary. But the meat of the film and the character interactions are perfect. I would recommend this film to anyone. This is easily Richard Gere's best work.

TomatoMeter: 93% People: 92% Average: 92%
(Rotten Tomatoes) (IMDB)

Star Richard Gere (Chicago - 87%, Internal Affairs - 100%)
Star Debra Winger (A Dangerous Woman - 71%, Shadowlands - 100%, Terms of Endearment - 95%)
Star David Keith (The Indian in the Cupboard - 69%, The Great Santini - 100%)
Star Louis Gossett (Toy Soldiers - 44%)
Star Robert Loggia (Return to Me - 62%, Big - 97%)
Star Lisa Blount (Chrystal - 75%, Blind Fury - 60%, Great Balls of Fire - 60%)
Director Taylor Hackford (Ray - 82%, The Devil's Advocate - 71%, Dolores Claiborne - 85%)

Oscar Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Louis Gossett Jr.
Oscar Best Music, Original Song: Jack Nitzsche
BAFTA Film Award Best Original Song: Jack Nitzsche
Golden Globe Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Motion Picture: Louis Gossett Jr.
Golden Globe Best Original Song - Motion Picture: Jack Nitzsche


Foley: This here my idea of an ass bandit. Wait til the girls get a look at you scrotum head.

Byron: I'm out at sea three weeks a month and when I'm back at port I don't have time for this daddy stuff cause that's not who I am.
Young Zack: That's okay, sir
Byron: Wait a minute kid you don't understand. I'm too old for this. I don't care what the navy says this is not a place to bring up a kid your better back at that state school in Virginia.
Young Zack: I'm never going back there. They treat me like shit.
Byron: Maybe that's not for you to say. Goddamit! don't look at me that way what happened to your mother had nothing to do with me.
Young Zack: It did you said "You were gonna come back. You promise.
Byron: Is that what she said? That's a female lie. That's bullshit! That's a lie!
Young Zack: I found your letters. I read them right after she did it. You said "you were gonna come back for us". You said you loved her and she believed you. Your a liar!

Topper: Who the hell is that guy?
Perryman: That's your momma and daddy for the next thirteen weeks.

Paula: You know something, you ain't nothing special. You got no manners, you treat woman like whores and if you ask me you got no chance of being no officer.

Foley: ... Sergeant Foley, can't you see; A Puget Deb is after me; Please don't let her catch my tail; I'd be better off in the county jail...! My mom was a Deb, my grandma too; That's all them gals know how to do; She'll catch my butt before she's through; Sergeant Foley, it's up to you!

Foley: ... Candidate Mayo's strutting in the dirt; Look at his face, he's starting to hurt; Here he is, thinking he's a great big star; But before too long he's gonna D.O.R.; Seen guys like you a hundred times; I'm telling you, Mayo, I'm one of a kind; Gonna give you more than you can take; I'm gonna watch you crumble and watch you break!

Foley: ... I don't believe what I'm seeing! Where you been all your lives, at an orgy? Listening to Mick Jagger music and bad-mouthing your country, I'll bet...

Foley: ...Better stop eyeballing me, nigger boy. You're not worthy enough to look your superiors in the eye! Use your peripheral vision, or I'll rip your eyeballs out of their sockets and eat them for breakfast! Understand...? Now, when I say "Understand," I want the whole group to say "Yes, sir!" UNDERSTAND...! Hey, folks, we ain't stupid around here. We know why most of you come here. But before you get to sell what we teach you over at United Airlines, you gotta give the Navy six years of your life. Lots of things can happen in six years, including another war. And if any of you are too peaceful to dump napalm on an enemy village where there MIGHT be women and children, I'm gonna find that out. UNDERSTAND...!

Foley: ...You said, "How are YOU!" I am not a "YOU," boy! A YOU is a female sheep! Is that what you think I am, boy? Where are you from... Oklahoma? Only two things come out of Oklahoma: strays and gays. Which one are you, boy? I don't see no horns on you, so you MUST be a gay...! I expect to lose at least half of you before I'm finished. And I will use every means necessary, both fair and otherwise, to trip you up! That is, to expose your weaknesses... both as a potential aviator AND as a human being. The prize at the other end is a flight education worth $1,000,000! But first, you gotta get past ME.

An Officer and a Gentleman is one of those annoying chick flicks that ends up making you feel good inside.

I'm not a big Richard Gere fan, but I actually didn't mind him in this movie. He gave a pretty good performance. Debra Winger, on the other hand, made me want to puke. She's just so annoying and is such a bad actress...and her laugh *plugs ears*.... I found it interesting that Debra and Richard hated each other all during the filming of this movie. I mean there is this really graphic sex scene where Debra stradles Richard completely naked, and I'm just sitting there going" well that must of been an extremely uncomfortable scene to do" and yet it was completely believable.

The story was the usual corny romantic mush that you find in these types of films. Though in the final scene, when Richard comes down and lifts Debra up and walks out of the building with her in his arms I couldn't help but let out a small satisfied smile.

An Officer and a Gentleman
Here's another film rating.
Isn't all that original or all that compelling and the script isn't all that great. But Richard Gere is fantastic and the film is just fun. Debra Winger shows that she isn't some overrated actor.
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